August 5, 2016

When will MSNBC realize that they have their own Sean Hannity in their midst? Hugh Hewitt seldom utters a statement that's based in fact, much like Fox News' Hannity. Rarely do we hear a drop of honesty from Hewitt when discussing Hillary Clinton, who always makes excuses for Trump.

TAMRON: How do you explain your support of Donald Trump at this point?

HEWITT: Well, the Supreme Court is still in play. Hillary still can’t be believed. She doubled down on the FBI lie on television yesterday. I would say, Tamron, that Donald Trump hasn’t taken any of my suggestions yet, the numbers that came out of the NBC poll are very alarming, but it’s August and I note that the Clinton campaign went all in on the “Too Dangerous” ad...her negatives and her honesty problem continue to plague August lead can dissipate during the Olympics by September.

My recommendations stay the same: focus on her untrustworthiness, focus on her terrible record as Secretary of State, and stay away from a low ballot dust-up in your own Party

TAMRON: Well, Hugh, clearly he has not taken that advice and there is no indication that he will, and when you say that Hillary Clinton has an honesty problem, let’s just look today for two days Donald Trump has said he has seen video on television of money being taken off a plane that Iran had released this video. His campaign two days ago came out and said two days ago “no, no, no, the video he say was actually the hostages coming back into Geneva, Switzerland. It took two days for Donald Trump to acknowledge on Twitter. Is that an honesty problem that concerns you? Is that temperament problem? A reality problem when you have a candidate who claims, and very much so on multiple occasions that what he say on television was an exchange of money with Iran?

HEWITT: Hillary’s honesty problem is much, much bigger. NBC’s own poll that came out with The Wall Street Journal just yesterday showed that she is only trusted by 38% of the people. That's very, very low….that’s why all these individual episodes don’t matter. What matters is they gave $400 million for hostages (that's Hewitt-speak. Reality: we returned the money to avoid billion dollar fines)...I know there are bad parts out there. It is a rough patch for Donald Trump. I'm just saying she’s got lots of rough patches ahead.

TAMRON: You once said ignoring what Donald Trump said about Judge Curiél was like ignoring stage 4 cancer. Are you ignoring stage 4 cancer at this point?

HEWITT: No, of course not...he course corrected. He usually does. I think he's course corrected on Gold Star Families.

Hewitt asserts that no matter how enormous and easily provable the lie is with regards to Trump, it can't compare to the fiction he propagates about Hillary Clinton. Hewitt praised the learning curve of Trump, and denounced Clinton's failure to learn, saying "While he changes, she doesn't."

To her credit, Tamron Hall was sick of Hewitt not answering a question and cut him off and played a clip.

She finally got to the point where she asked him if he was being reckless by not answering her question. But he's done the same thing to Chris Hayes and to Chris Matthews, who have been similarly fed up with him. So this behavior isn't new to Hewitt, who changes subjects to avoid answering questions he doesn't like.

Later in the interview, click here for full segment, when she asked him which was true regarding the Russian ad, he said they needed much more context; so she stopped him and played the new Clinton ad that brilliantly links Trump up to Putin.

Dave Weigel was also not putting much stock in the new polling numbers and that surprised me as well, especially since he's usually much more level-headed that Hewitt.

Tamron wanted to discuss where we are "right now" in the campaign, not if Trump or Hillary does something good or bad in the future to change the numbers later. She attempted to get an actual answer out of Hugh, once more. No chance. She suggested both Weigel and Hewitt must have information the rest of us don't have and maybe they are geniuses. They both totally deserved that snark.

** Editor's note: **
The difference with the judge controversy and this latest Iran fiction is that it was not possible to pretend Donald didn't malign the Judge; but they can make up whatever they want about Iran. Hell, Ollie North is still making up his own lies and people believe him.

He usually course corrects? Sure he does, Hewitt. He's only slightly flawed, and Hillary is tragically flawed? Here's the problem: you have the candidates mixed-up. Hillary has been a victim of merciless sexism and type-casting for almost 40 years. Trump is constantly given a pass for countless egregious lies that would destroy any other candidate's career.

ANYONE who thinks Hillary actually IS untrustworthy or unlikable should know who has so deftly put those ideas in our collective subconscious. This article by Karoli explains precisely why Hugh Hewitt can say unlikable as if it's a factual statement, with NO PUSHBACK. The behavior of our 'journalists' for so many years is appalling.

(***LeftofCenter contributed to much of this article.)

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