October 23, 2016

Looking a bit more rested than the post Las Vegas Debate Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager appeared with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press. Her impossible task today was to explain why he spoke about the ever-growing list of sexual misconduct accusers in what was supposed to be a policy-based speech, his 'Gettysburg Address.' Donald Trump veered off into dangerous territory, addressing his misogynist troubles instead of sticking to policy, to no one's surprise.

TODD: But before he got to his first 100-day agenda items, and it was as substantive of a speech that he's given in a couple of months, he started out talking about threatening to sue all of the accusers that have come out alleging sexual misconduct. Is that a way to reset the last 16 days of this campaign?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: It's a way to defend himself, and remind everybody what he has said many times, which is none of this is true, they're fabrications, they're all lies. And he dispensed with that in a sentence or two. But he did talk about the rigged, corrupt system. And it did, unfortunately, include some of the media. Not most, not all.

Conway claims that 96% of journalists' campaign donations went to Hillary Clinton, but Todd clarified how that figure includes mainly journalists who are not political, but sports and entertainment, attempting to put some 'nuance' into her claim. She doesn't seem to care, she's got her own fiction-based opinions and she's sticking to them. Todd tried to steer her towards answering why he mentioned these women on a 'reset' speech, a prescription for his first hundred days.

TODD: But he didn't speak about that. He instead focused on himself. He instead talked about the allegations and he instead brought it up. I mean, does his campaign-

KELLYANNE CONWAY: That was a small piece of a 42-minute speech.

TODD: Threatening a lawsuit though to all of these women. Let me ask you this, if they're all (sic false) why not sue them now? Why wait till after the election?

CONWAY: Because we're busy winning the presidency. We're a little bit busy over here doing that. And but he's just I think putting people on notice, that they can't just falsely accuse them. He has said, "None of this has happened, they're all fabrications and lies."

And then he went on to give, I thought, a really muscular, robust, very substantive outline of what he would do. I worked on the first contract with (inaudible) and this reminded me of that, Chuck, in that there is specific solutions and he also says, "Hold us accountable. There's no accountability in Washington. Drain the swamp."

Todd plays some footage of Trump supporters urging the candidate to stick to the issues.

TODD: "Tell Donald Trump," this is what he said to Mike Pence, "Tell Donald Trump to stick to the issues. If he does, he can win." Do you wish he wouldn't have brought up the lawsuit threat yesterday?

If you're confused at this point, you're not alone. Conway agrees that he shouldn't have veered off into dangerous waters, but it's okay, because he's going to win regardless. Trump is just being 'Mister' Trump, and his mistakes are minuscule compared to his opponent. Lest anyone forget the manufactured BENGHAZI 'scandal' that no one has EVER investigated, right?

CONWAY: I think Donald Trump is at his best when he sticks to the issues. It's how he started, he first propelled his candidacy, and it's how he beats Hillary Clinton. The issues that actually benefits the Trump/Pence ticket in this way. People believe that radical Islamic terrorism has not been defeated. They don't much like ObamaCare, they think it's been a bad deal for many Americans. They certainly think everyday affordability is elusive to them, Chuck.

Duh? So why, pray tell Kellyanne, won't he stick to the issues? There's no need to explain. He's exempt from the rules that apply to everyone else, much like the Republican Party he represents.

Republican logic summed up by this: IOKIYAR=IOKIYADT (It's okay if you are a Republican or Donald Trump).

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