November 5, 2016

In one can only be described as one of the most bizarre, painful and heartbreaking election cycles in history, yet another crazy disclosure was made today, this one from Rudy Giuliani.

Backstory: On October 26th, Rudy told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum that Trump had “a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next two days. I’m talking about some pretty big surprise."

And while he said this, he had an insane look, like the cat that ate the canary and was wiping feathers out of his mouth. It was even more unhinged than his normal look.

Two days later Comey released his letter alleging that the emailgate was continuing with the discovery of emails on Anthony Wiener's computer, sending the media into a tailspin.

People started to put two and two together, realizing that Rudy must have had some insider information directly from the FBI, which also means that the Trump campaign is getting insider help from the FBI, an agency that is supposed to be unbiased an non partisan (snort).

Tonight Wolf Blitzer dragged Giuliani through an incredibly painful 10 minute interview where he put his feet to the fire, repeated his own quotes, let him spiral and than dragged him back over.

First, Rudy swore up and down that he doesn't talk to any *current* FBI agents. Just old ones. But I guess they probably talk to current agents. So is this a game of telephone? Or is Rudy lying and still talking to current agents? Or a combo of the two?

Rudy said:

“No, I’ve spoken to no current FBI agents, gosh, in the last eight months, nine months, ten months, certainly not about this. So, I’ve had lots of conversations with them and they have told me a lot about the — I guess the disagreement between the Justice Department on the one hand and the FBI on the other. But it all comes from former FBI agents and it’s all hearsay.”

Uh huh. Sure thing, buddy. Wolf started reading from the letter that two ranking members on the Congressional committee sent today requesting an investigation into potential leaks.

“This morning Rudy Giuliani, one of Donald Trump’s closest and most vocal campaign advisers, appeared on national television and confirmed that he had obtained leaked information about the FBI’s review of Clinton-related e-mails several days before FBI director James Comey sent his letter to Congress last Friday about this lette. In fact, Mr. Giuliani went even further and bragged about the information that he had obtained stating, ‘Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it.'”

That sure sounds like he is bragging about knowing something before the rest of us, right?

Giuliani continued denying it:

“That’s not correct. I’ve had no conversations with anyone inside the FBI. I have heard for the last four months a tremendous amount of information about the consternation within the FBI, the fact that FBI agents were very unhappy about the way they were being treated by the Justice Department. But none of it came from any current — I haven’t talked to a current FBI agent.”

Well, that isn't what Rudy said earlier today, a point that Wolf made:

“In the interview, this morning on ‘Fox & Friends’ you seemed to say, ‘Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it.’ What were you referring to?”

Exactly. The Rudy spin machine was in full force at this point, trying to frantically deflect from the fact that he had admitted on tv that he knew about an FBI investigation before the news was released to the public.

Rudy said this fantastical stream of lies that make no sense to anyone except himself, and anyone on the Trump campaign who's entire political career has been built on a house of cards of lies.

Rudy said:

“Except to the extent that maybe it wasn’t that much of a surprise because I had been hearing for quite some time that there was a lot of, I don’t know how you would describe it, maybe revolution is too strong a word, but a lot of debate and anger within the FBI about the way they were being treated by the Justice Department and a lot of FBI agents feeling that the Justice Department had been corrupted."

Wolf wasn't having any of it.

“But let me ask you a question, Mayor. If you don’t know it’s true, why are you suggesting it? Why are you going on national television talking about these issues if you don’t know it’s true?”

Exactly. Why admit to knowing insider leaked information if it is a lie? There are a few explanations:

  1. He did get information from current FBI agents but wants to protect them.
  2. He did get information from retired FBI agents who got the information from current FBI agents.
  3. He is a liar.
  4. He was trying to brag about things he didn't know that actually came true and is now gloating after the fact.

Regardless of which of the above is true, it is alarming that one campaign got at least a few days advance notice about an FBI investigation. Clearly, this leak needs to be looked into.

Perhaps the DOJ can get on the case?

(h/t Raw Story)

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