November 6, 2016

Fox News' Chris Wallace wanted to clear up Donald Trump's claims that the election is already rigged against him and asked Gov. Mike Pence if they will concede if there's a clear winner.

Wallace asked, "Can you guarantee that if there's a clear winner on election night and if, and I repeat if, if Donald Trump should be the loser, can you guarantee that he will concede to Hillary Clinton and accept the result of the election and the judgment of the American people?"

This is the most insane question ever to be put forth to a presidential candidate of any party, days before our national election.

As Pence was hemming and hawing, Wallace jumped back in, "Can you guarantee he'll put this behind us -- sir, can you guarantee he'll put this behind us?"

Gov. Pence kept the door open for a tumultuous election night and said, "Chris, the campaign has made it very clear, a clear outcome obviously both sides will accept. But I think both campaigns have also been very clear that, you know, in the event of disputed results, they reserve all legal rights and remedies."

It goes without saying that all campaigns do have legal recourse for unusual activities, but it's crazy that a candidate has been running on this idea to begin with.

And I don't remember the Clinton campaign screaming that the election is already rigged and asked for supporters to act as illegal poll watchers, do you?

Pence is pretty smooth when he goes about promoting conspiracy theory theories. I'll give him that much.


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