The Beautiful Wall Is Full-Employment Project - For Lawyers
Credit: DonkeyHotey
March 21, 2017

Although Trump keeps telling us about his beautiful wall along the border, I have doubts it will be any more beautiful than a toad.

The Texas Observer announced that Trump is already trying to condemn private property along the border.

Noel Benavidez, a former Roma city councilperson, said he received a condemnation notice about two weeks ago for 5.8 acres of his land. … Benavidez and his wife own 155 acres of an original Spanish land grant deeded to their family in 1767 by the King of Spain. Benavidez said that he and others in Roma are deadset against a border wall in their backyard. “Once the land is destroyed, it will never be the same,” he said. “We have oaks and mesquite that have been there for generations, foxes and other animals and an ecosystem that has been untouched.”

Come to find out, Trump plans to hire 20 government lawyers to fight the lawyers that the landowners have hired. This has become a lawyer full employment measure.

The Observer has a nifty little graph explaining how it’s gonna take 50 or 60 rocket scientists and brain surgeons to figure out how to build the damn wall. You can’t wall a shared river, a canyon, or the second largest lake in Texas.

One other thing, people grounded in reality say that Trump’s estimate of $2.6 billion to build the wall is comical. It’s more that $21.6 billion and not a dime of it will come from Mexico.

I hate to deny Trump the joy he takes in harassing these families along the border and spending money like a drunken sailor, but it’s gotta stop.

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