Fareed Zakaria Gives Russia A Chance To Defend Itself
Credit: Nicole Belle
March 12, 2017

Every Sunday morning, I scan through the morning shows looking for clips to bring to you to show how the mainstream media frames the national dialog on the day's issues.

I've done this for more than ten years, so I'm pretty damn cynical and jaded about it. I mean, how many times do you have to hear David Brooks and John McCain and not realize that the media isn't interested in actually honestly informing the American public?

So it takes an especially egregious segment to make my jaw drop. And Fareed Zakaria, that Davos-loving plagiarist, managed to achieve a level of sophistry that I haven't seen in a long, long time.

Take a good look at the chyron from the photo I took of Zakaria interviewing Dmitry Peskov, known colloquially as "Putin's Bad News Press Secretary". What the actual F is that? Why is a so-called American "journalist" offering up the "Kremlin's side of the story" with the sub-header of Peskov's claim that Russia is "being demonized"? Seriously?

Seventeen separate intelligence agencies agree that Russia was behind the hacking that attempted to interfere in our election and we need to hear their side? Why? Do we think Peskov is going to be honest? Does Zakaria think himself such a good and dogged interviewer that he'd get a "scoop" of this long-time Russian intelligence officer admitting guilt?

You be the judge:

I'd say no, wouldn't you?

The only thing that this abomination of interview did was normalize that a hostile foreign entity is interfering with our democracy on an institutional level. Zakaria, who has been critical of Trump in the past, should be ashamed of his muddying of the waters of treasonous acts.


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