March 19, 2017

As much as Rep. Devin Nunes tried to obfuscate the questions asked by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, he had to admit there were no FISA warrants to surveil Trump Tower by President Obama and the Trump administration submitted no evidence to support his allegations that Obama spied on him.

Chris Wallace asked, "You said earlier this week that you had, your words, "no evidence" of the Trump claim that he had been wiretapped in Trump Tower by President Obama during the campaign. Then, on Friday, you got a response to questions from the FBI on this issue of whether they had any evidence of surveillance there. I know you can't say much about it, but based on what you receive from the FBI on Friday, do you want to amend your statement that there’s no evidence of wiretapping?"

Rep. Nunes replied, "No."

As soon as Nunes said functionally admitted that Trump is lying, he tried to pull a Kellyanne Conway and muddy the question by bringing in information that Wallace never asked about. It's an old tactic that has been perfected by Conway and her team of Trump apologists.

Rep. Nunes regurgitated the same fictitious talking points that every Trump surrogate has memorized on this issue: while there is no evidence Obama spied on Trump, Gen. Flynn was illegally surveilled and "unmasked" by the intelligence community, so something is rotten in Sweden errr...Denmark.

Wallace ignored his lengthy answer and said, "Well, I just -- I just want to make that point because you -- you -- there is no evidence that there was any wiretapped -- I'm not talking with President Obama doing it, but his administration -- no evidence of any wiretapping of Trump Tower?

Nunes replied, "No -- no -- there was no FISA warrant that I'm aware of to Trump -- to tap Trump Tower. That’s correct."

Wallace, "And that's after you received this information?"

Nunes. "That's accurate."

There you have it. When will Trump apologize to President Obama already?

Yeah, I know, he never will. He'll pull the same Birther move he used and will tell the press, "while there were many reports saying he was surveilled, he successfully ended the controversy by not finding any."

When Wallace followed up by playing a video of Trump telling the world that he's going to supply new evidence that President Obama did surveil him, he asked, "As I said, we’re going to get to the unmasking issue, which is a serious issue, in a moment. But is -- do you know what he's talking about? Is there any evidence of any surveillance, electronic surveillance --"

Rep. Nunes didn't respond to Trump's words, but reiterated the Trump administration's talking points that they don't have the information yet about how the Intel community is "unmasking names."

They are trying to equate the leaks their administration has to Trump's lies about Obama.

As Jake Tapper has already said, they are still trying to prove the world is flat.

I'm surprised Wallace didn't bring up the international incident Sean Spicer caused by reading off Judge Napolitano's bogus claim that the Britain's GCHQ were tasked to surveil Trump, more "fake news" that forced the White House to issue an apology, though Spicer denied it. Lies upon lies upon lies.

I imagine Wallace either felt there wasn't time to get to that or didn't want to get Fox News involved in the story at this time since they have egg on their faces.

Either way, Rep. Nunes begrudgingly confirmed that Trump lied about President Obama on Fox News.

The question remains: how much more of this will it take before even Fox News viewers stop believing the Trump White House?

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