March 9, 2017


Mr. Hugh Hewitt's wingnut safe space skills were on full-display today as he "interviewed" Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

That chatted about how much they both Love Gitmo!

HH: And last question on this subject, General Sessions, if the President says to you we’ve captured some new unlawful combatants. I want to send them to Gitmo. Is your advice to him send them, bring them on in, we have plenty of space?

JS: Yes. Oh, there’s plenty of space. We are well equipped for it. It’s a perfect place for it. Eventually, this will be decided by the military rather than the Justice Department. But I see no legal problem whatsoever with doing that.

And about Sessions is gonna crack back down on those horrible reefers-devils with their jazz cigarettes (smoke 'em if you got 'em, Steiniacs and Glibertarians, because it looks like elections actually have consequences!)

HH: Let’s talk about the rule of law. I have a piece coming out in the Washington Post about this on Sunday, Attorney General Sessions. One RICO prosecution against one marijuana retailer in one state that has so-called legalization ends this fa├žade and this flaunting of the Supremacy Clause. Will you be bringing such a case?

JS: We will, marijuana is against federal law, and that applies in states where they may have repealed their own anti-marijuana laws. So yes, we will enforce law in an appropriate way nationwide. It’s not possible for the federal government, of course, to take over everything the local police used to do in a state that’s legalized it. And I’m not in favor of legalization of marijuana. I think it’s a more dangerous drug than a lot of people realize. I don’t think we’re going to be a better community if marijuana is sold in every corner grocery store.

But the cherry on top of this ""Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!" Banana Republican wish-list was this exchange about the need for Moar Witch-Hunts!

Because using the levers of government you just purloined to persecute your political opposition is just how fascists roll.  (with emphasis added)

HH: Now let me switch to the Department itself, Mr. Attorney General. It had a bad eight years. I’m a proud veteran of the Department of Justice, as you are. But the IRS case, the Fast and Furious case, Secretary Clinton’s server, the Department of Justice came under great criticism. How about an outside counsel, not connected to politics, to review the DOJ’s actions in those matters with authority to bring charges if underlying crimes are uncovered in the course of the investigation, and just generally to look at how the Department of Justice operated in the highly-politicized Holder-Lynch years?

JS: Well, I’m going to do everything I possibly can to restore the independence and professionalism of the Department of Justice. So we would have to consider whether or not some outside special counsel is needed. Generally, a good review of that internally is the first step before any such decision is made.

HH: Will you be looking at the IRS investigation specifically, because that left many of us thinking that the Department of Justice had laid down for a terrible abuse of political power?

JS: It does. That circumstance raised a lot of questions in my mind, and when I was in the Senate. So it is a matter of real concern to me...

..."Vigilance" was a duty that our corporate media abandoned long ago in favor of facile and obscenely profitable Both Siderist hogwash, and Trump and Sessions and Hewitt and the rest of this mob of looters and bigots and madmen are the price we are all paying for it.
And at some point it will fall to men and women in government, and in the media, and at your local chamber of commerce to put their jobs and reputations on the line by joining the resistance, looking the public straight in the eye and speaking the f*cking truth.

Excerpted from Driftglass

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