April 12, 2017

The thing about Republican lawmakers that everyone should understand? They're really, really dumb. They've risen through the ranks on the wings of Billionaire bucks and a solid infrastructure, but they actually don't have the first clue about policy. They rely on canned talking points and the ability to sell dung sandwiches on the side of the road and little more.

Watch Arizona Representative Andy Biggs get raked over the coals for trying to sell constituents on high-risk pools, using some sloppy talking points and a lot of bluster.

ACA repeal is Biggs' specialty, except that he actually doesn't know much about the ACA, as he demonstrated to his constituents in a town hall meeting caught by AZ Central.

High-risk pools are the backbone of what they want to replace the ACA with, so that people unfortunate enough to have acne, pregnant women, and others suffering from chronic conditions can be cleansed from the general insurance pool.

His audience knew this, shouting, "That's a lie!" and booing him in general. Nevertheless, he persisted. "It is embedded in Obamacare, but it hasn't been used very much," he claimed.

This is a specious claim. High-risk pools are not "embedded" in the ACA. There was a transition period between 2010 and 2014 when high-risk pools were beefed up with federal dollars as a stopgap measure so that people could have something before the ban on pre-existing conditions took hold.

Stopgaps are not "embedding," but apparently Biggs has been given some talking points and is going to stick to them, no matter what.

Biggs finally laid down an ultimatum to them with regard to the Trumpcare bill on life support right now. “I do not like that bill because it does not keep a promise we made to repeal,” Biggs said. “It leaves the framework in place. Those of you who like Obamacare, this is your best alternative.”

That, too, went over like a lead balloon. On and on it went, with some of the loudest disapproval coming with Biggs' denial that climate change is real.

Change is coming, Republicans. We will contend, and we will send these guys home.

(h/t Raw Story)


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