July 12, 2017

Oh come on boys! Fox News viewers hate it when their two daddies fight!

Tucker Carlson "interviewed" Ralph Peters last night, and it quickly turned into a shouting match over Tucker's support of Trump versus Peters's....support for the Iraq War? Really, Tucker? That's where you decided to punch back?

Transcript and video h/t Scarce

PETERS: Our president seems determined to do anything he can with the Russians and the Russians hate -- but a report and hates us. He is malevolent and he is as close to pure evil as I can find. He's also brilliant. I don't understand what any American would want an alliance with Russia. We should be strengthening our alliance with democracies instead of trashing nato we should be building it up much more strongly. Why attack Australia? Why attack Canada?

CARLSON: It's hard to see why -- I’m not vouching for Putin’s character, he seems like a shady guy, we want to live there. Hard to see why he's a threat was. How many people can we be in opposition to it once?

Why not just accept that people who are bad people have similar interests and side with them?

PETERS: You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying Hitler hasn’t attacked us.

TUCKER: I beg your pardon? You cannot compare me to somebody who makes apologies for Hitler. And I don’t think Putin is comparable.

PETERS: I think Putin is.

TUCKER: I think it is a grotesque overstatement actually. I think it’s insane.

PETERS: Fine, you can think it's insane all you want.

TUCKER: You just up compared me to a Nazi apologist because I asked the question. Which is, why does it contravene American interest with a common cause with a group trying to kill ISIS?

PETERS: He invaded his neighbors, broken the long peace in Europe, assassinates dissidents and journalists, he bombs women and children on purpose in Syria, he is as bad as Hitler. If you don't like the Charles Lindbergh [comparison] -- I will retract that, but you sound like someone in the 1938 saying what has Hitler done to us?

TUCKER: I would hate to go back and read your columns assuring America that taking out Saddam Hussein will make the region calmer, more peaceful, and America safer, when in fact it has been the opposite and it has empowered Russia and Iran, the two countries you say you fear most -- let's be totally honest, we don't always know the outcomes.

They are not entirely protectable so maybe we should lower that a little bit rather than calling people accommodationist.

PETERS: You made your career being an American conservative patriot and now you're suddenly cheering for Vladimir Putin?

TUCKER: I'm not in any sense cheering for Vladimir Putin.

PETERS: You said you wanted an alliance with him.

TUCKER: I'm cheering for America as always. Our interest ought to come first and to the extent that making temporary alliances with other countries serve our interests, I met in favor of that. Making sweeping moral claims comparing people to Hitler advances the ball, not one that blinds us to reality.

PETERS: Vladimir Putin hates America, he wants to hurt us. Suddenly Vladimir Putin is a good guy, Russia is okay, no it's not. Russia is evil, Russia is our enemy.


Okay yes, Peters is right here. Putin has invaded a neighbor, and killed journalists and other enemies of his state. And the Russians hacked our election. That's a fact. Putin is decidedly not a good guy. And pretending the Trump campaign's collusion with Putin is a "nothingburger" is avoiding reality as much as those who wanted "neutrality" against Hitler.

You don't get to be neutral when we were attacked, Tucker.

But Tucker Carlson is setting an extremely dangerous precedent with his counter attack. So now every Republican can open up each other's history and blab about someone's record on the Iraq War to defend themselves for standing up for Putin? Really? The IDEA that TUCKER can bring up Iraq?

I seriously can't with either one of them. It took the Republican Party 30 years of brainwashing their base, primarily with Fox News, to get those voters stupid enough to nominate and elect Donald Trump. Putin helped, and that's okay with the GOP enablers.

And the lies that got us into the Iraq War are an important part of the path to where we are now. Trump won primaries by running against those lies and pointing them out in front of the GOP establishment's wonder boy, Jeb Bush.

I'm glad Peters is calling this out but they all are COMPLICIT.

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