August 10, 2017

Update: President Stupid just tweeted from his three week vacation:


You know what never gets old?

Putting Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on blast.

After all, he looks and perambulates like a turtle, talks like a turtle, and is pure, calculating Republican evil from head to toe. So as President Stupid's administration stumbles into the Remainder Bin of History, why shouldn't he join the fun and amuse himself by laying a Twitter 2x4 upside McConnell's head?

Of course the right time for McConnell to bring up the subject of Donald Trump's wildly excessive expectations would have been back before the election of 2016. You know, back when Il Douche was wowing the morons with very clear and explicit health care promises like this --

"We’re going to have great health care at a fraction of the cost, and you watch. It’ll happen.”

-- and this --

"...everybody's got to be covered."

"​I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not...​The government's gonna pay for it."

-- and

-- and so many more!

But while McConnell is certainly a liar and a coward, he is also perfectly competent at doing basic political math, and he knew that those millions and millions of meatheads Trump was whipping into a swooning mob were the base of his party. And Mitch McConnell knows better than to interrupt a politically-useful mob of whipped-up wingnuts with inconvenient facts when they are mid-rampage.

And anyway, Trump was never gonna get elected, right? No way, no how, so why trouble trouble by pissing off the meatheads and pointing out that his promises are f**king nuts?

And even if he did get elected, who in their right mind would start with health care on Day One?

And even if Trump did get elected and did start with health care right off the bat, surely there can't be enough Freedumb Caucus political suicide bombers in the House to force Paul Ryan walk the plank on an actual repeal, right? Hell, it'll probably never make it out of committee, or if it does we can pass some token bullshit that knocks a few poors off of Medicaid, declare victory and then get on with the important business of cutting taxes for Republican benefactors.

Ah, but in the greatest nest "If-Then-Else" statement fall-through in American political history, all of those things did happen, and now President Stupid has nothing but time on his hands, failure at his feet, and an overwhelming need to do what all Republicans always do when their promises blow up in their face and their plans turn to shit: find someone else to blame.

And with no Clintons or Obamas on-hand to frame for this particular fiasco, it looks like it's McConnell's turn in the barrel.

In other words, welcome to Liberalville, Mitch.

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Via Frances Langum:

And in the video above...even the beltway press has noticed:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Kelsey Snell joins us from Capitol Hill -- who covers Congress for "The Washington Post." I don't know how to come at this. This is uncharted territory, and that's a phrase we have used for the last two-hundred and three nights at least. Sean Hannity and the folks at Fox seldom say anything on a whim or by accident, so that really got my attention calling on the Majority Leader of the US Senate, same party as the president, to resign.

KELSEY SNELL: Yeah. that was absolutely shocking. I think the thing to remember here though, is that McConnell never promised that this was going to be easy or that this was going to be fast. That was Trump who promised that, and McConnell from the jump was telling people that this was going to take time...

No, Kelsey, the thing to remember here is that for one-third of the electorate, Sean Hannity is "The News." And the collapse of television journalism is laid right at the feet of MSNBC when your late night show passes over Sean Hannity's violation of public trust, as he grabs the crown of State Run Media and political say-so, and calls for the resignation of any member of Congress, ever. You, Brian Williams, should be on your feet screaming for Sean Hannity's resignation in the name of your so-called profession.

Brian Williams and Sam Stein instead come up with this nonsense:

WILLIAMS: Whose legacy has been hurt more with health care? Trump or McConnell?

SAM STEIN: That's a really good question.

I don't know. If you talk to people in the Republican Party, the voters, they are more prone to blame the Senate for this than they are the president, in part, because the Senate and McConnell has been promising this for years, knowing full well this would be a tough task and Trump, he is knew to this game. He did overpromise in this case. I think McConnell will be okay eventually. he'll go down as a great tactician, and he was one vote away. Remember. all his members were saying they hated this bill. They thought it was gross and toxic, and they were praying the house wouldn't pass it and he got 49 votes. That's an incredible feat. even though he came up short.

Sure "great tactician" Mitch McConnell "successfully" obstructed the much-loved first Black President of the United States, stole a Supreme Court seat from a qualified centrist, and came within one vote of stripping health insurance from tens of millions. His "legacy" will be applauded by Beltway insiders past his dying day.

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