December 6, 2017

While debating the merits of the Senate tax bill, Kevin Jackson, a rabid Trump supporter and Fox News contributor told Fox & Friends on Tuesday that Trump had already released his tax returns, which is a lie.

Most of the conservative commentators that come on Fox News either must distort, exaggerate or out-right lie to defend the Trump administration.

What's even worse about that is they are more than happy to do it.

Fox News' Steve Doocy brought on Jackson and Scott Levenson, a democratic consultant to debate the merits of the Senate tax bill.

Jackson opened up by blasting Obamacare and then told a massive lie about what Trump said he wanted in the tax cut bill.

Jackson said, "Donald Trump didn't say it would benefit everybody, it doesn't have to benefit everybody but it will give money back to the people who pay for America to operate, and not to mention, we won."

Scott Levenson just shook his head in disbelief because Jackson lied about what Trump and the GOP leadership said.

Jackson told the Fox News audience that it's the very wealthy that are going to get the tax cuts and they deserve it. Here's what was actually said about the tax plan.

Trump told the country, “It’s a tax bill for middle class."

"By eliminating tax breaks and special interest loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy, our framework ensures that the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not to the highest earners," Trump said Oct. 11 in Harrisburg, Pa.

Speaker Paul Ryan said, “The focus is on middle-class tax relief. The focus is on directing that tax relief to the people in the middle and the people who are trying to get there. And that is why we put our emphasis on that tax relief for those people who are in the middle.”

Doocy then told Scott that elections do have consequences and this tax plan is "going to be good for his business" as a way to convince him to take their side.

Levenson replied, "It might benefit me personally doesn't mean it is good for the American public. This is a scam --- "

Kevin, "Pay more Scott..."

Scott, "Actually brought on by a huckster." After outlining some of the pitfalls for the working class on jobs, deficit and healthcare, Scott struck a nerve.

Jackson kept interrupting him, "Scott, all you got are talking points."

Doocy told him to let him finish.

He said they are cutting massive taxes for corporations.

Scott said, "We know who that benefits. Working-class people don't have corporations. Corporations benefit the wealthy."

Again Jackson couldn't control himself and interrupted again, "No, they're the people that employ..."

Scott then issued a challenge, "And you know what? The fact is if we really want to believe this president - he said it would be 'a bad tax plan for him', let the guy release his taxes."

Jackson moronically replied, "He's already released them. He's already released his taxes."

Scott replied, "Come, on."

(Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press Tuesday afternoon, they had no plans to release Trump's tax returns.)

Jackson continued, "Everything he just said are Democrat leftist talking points."

If facts are leftist talking points, what are his phony conservative statements then?

Scott agreed and said, It's the truth. Facts are facts."

Kevin replied, "I'm done with you..."

When conservatives change the subject for deflection, you know they're lost. Kevin decided it was time to discuss the minimum wage.

Doocy jumped in with his trickle-down nonsense.

Scott replied, "We've heard about the trickle-down myth for over a generation, it doesn't work."

He continued, "This is not good conservative fiscal policy. It's a boondoggle, It's a scam on the American public."

Market Watch reports in a new survey of economists, "Only one out of 42 economists say corporate tax cuts will lead to big boost to GDP."

After Jackson attempted to interrupt again, Scott blew him off and said. "The fact we came to discuss the tax-cuts supposedly and he's talking about minimum wage shows they wanna say, 'look over here, look over here.'

Kevin, you've made the list for "Lie of the Year" and might have won it all by saying Trump already released his tax returns.

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