July 11, 2018

The Fox and Friends couch was giddy with delight this morning, ecstatic that Trump was bullying, criticizing and attacking our NATO allies.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt said, "The president has already come out swinging..."

Trump decided to blow up the NATO breakfast meeting by yelling at Germany for approving a Russian pipeline of gas and as usual airing out his grievances about their defense spending.

And his pet propagandists were ready to do their duty.

Ainsley continued,"...pressing our allies on defense spending.”

I think the world gets it by now. Trump thinks NATO is some sort of trade deal that we're "losing" again.

His persistent whines about defense spending couldn't make Putin any happier unless Trump pulled out of the NATO alliance altogether.

Trump is like a crotchety old man still yelling at his own dog because it has fleas, but you'll never see him criticize Putin this vocally - on television - ever.

Why is that?

Doocy said, "The president has been blunt so far."

FNC reporter Kevin Corker responded by saying. "Yea, blunt is a way of putting it, incredibly so."

After Corker filed his reporter, Ainsley cheerfully said, "Maybe it is working
if Germany is increasing their defense spending."

Ainsely continued, “The president is saying, right out of the gate, I mean that was a breakfast!”

Doocy laughs, “He blows ’em up!”

Ainsley was on a roll, "We’re protecting Germany from Russia, and yet they’re buying energy from Russia, explain that..."

Kilmeade, not to be forgotten said, "And we're overrun by natural gas."

Fox News ran a graphic with a picture of Trump and a caption: "Pay Up For Your Protection," like we're running a mafioso protection racket.

Trump constantly cries like an infant that NATO isn't being fair to us. This is why you have private meetings.

Doocy said, "That's what it's all about, making it fair."

Doocy said Trump has called NATO, “obsolete, you know, you're delinquent -- freeloaders. The big question is what does the president want? Does he wants out the countries to kick in more cash ... or does he want out?"

Kilmeade said it would be a big mistake to dismantle the NATO alliance.

But hey, Putin can still hope.

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