August 24, 2018

Often, the highlight of the MSNBC broadcast day is Rachel Maddow's handoff to Lawrence O'Donnell. You can learn a lot in the brief conversations these two veterans have about the news of the day.

And last night they discussed the Trump Organization's reimbursement to Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payoff.

It turns out no matter how Trump's company put that on their 2017 taxes, it's admission of a felony.

We know for a fact that Michael Cohen issued fake invoices to the Trump Organization for the payoff, calling it "legal fees" when no legal fees were due.

If the Trump Organization took those "paying off the girlfriend" monies as a business deduction, that's tax fraud.

As Rachel notes, "You can't deduct payments to the girlfriend" is the most fun day at tax law school.

But if the Trump Organization did NOT take those "paying off the girlfriend" monies as a business deduction, that admission that they knew the invoices were fake, and that implicates them in a conspiracy with Michael Cohen.

Either way, they're law breakers. Uh oh.


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