September 22, 2018

Forgive me in advance; I am INCANDESCENT with rage over this story. Seriously. I could light up the western half of the US with the steam coming out of my ears. So I do not have the patience to find links for everything I'm going to write. But other than some logical conclusions, this information is all out in the public record.

I won't bury the lede. From the start, looking at all the evidence in front of us, we come to the incontrovertible conclusion that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of attempting to rape Christine Blasey Ford -- and not only does he know that, the rest of the GOP does, too, and will do anything necessary to hide it and put him on the highest court of the land.

Got it? He KNOWS he's guilty. The GOP KNOWS he's guilty. And they don't care.

So let's look at the timeline, shall we?

Brett Kavanaugh was formally nominated for the Supreme Court seat on July 9th of this year.

Dr. Blasey Ford --who has shared information with friends long before this nomination that she was assaulted-- sends a letter to her representative, California Democrat Anna Eshoo outlining her trauma at the hands of Kavanaugh. This happens around the middle of July. Eshoo has at least one conversation with Blasey Ford, which may have included advice to hire an attorney, which she does. At this point, Blasey Ford is ambivalent about coming forward, but hasn't ruled it out.

Eshoo passes Blasey Ford's letter on to Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein or her staffers have several conversations with Blasey Ford. At this point in time, either Feinstein's office or her own lawyers recommend taking a lie detector test to help validate her claims, in which she is found truthful. Blasey Ford, however, is becoming much less willing to come forward, likely because she has been counseled that this will be a difficult process and that the Republicans will not be gentle. After several back-and-forths, Blasey Ford tells Feinstein's office she does not want to be put through testifying publicly. Feinstein respects that choice and tells colleagues that the matter has been handled. Feinstein also forwards the letter to the FBI for investigation (to be clear, this means the vetting investigation, not a criminal investigation). Per Feinstein, this happens sometime in early August--before the hearing begins.

The FBI notifies the White House of the letter to see if they want follow-up. The White House declines further investigation. But now they know. And now they pass it on to GOP operatives. Early August.

So now, Kavanaugh, the FBI, the White House AND GOP operatives all know. BEFORE the hearing even begins.

So now the PR campaign goes into overdrive.

They produce glossy television ads of white women saying what a great guy he is. They get them to submit them to papers and online publications. Tiger Mom Amy Chua --who claims to be liberal though anti-tribalism-- offers an op-ed about how grateful she is that Kavanaugh selected her daughter as a clerk. (Although frankly, I'm not sure she should be.)

This is also likely the time that the infamous letter of 65 women who Kavanaugh didn't try to rape is produced. (John Cornyn's claim that they all got together through a private Facebook group and put together the letter themselves in the space of a few hours after these charges became public is absurd on its face) They get his soccer team girls to appear. They talk about his carpooling, his 5K races. This is all peremptory defense against a charge not yet out in the public.

They knew it was coming.

They start leaking it to reporters who start sniffing around Blasey Ford at home and work, knowing that's going to intimidate her more.

By last week, Blasey Ford realizes that the story is out and she can either tell her story herself or have the Republicans tell it for her. So she identifies herself. And almost immediately, the threats begin. She and her family must leave their home and work and get security. She gets an alert that BEFORE her name is known, Ed Whelan is poking around her LinkedIn profile.

How would they know to do that if they didn't know about these charges, despite Kavanaugh's claim that he didn't know who made these charges until her name was outed?

Obviously, the first response from Kavanaugh and GOP operatives is to deny, deny, deny. But that's not enough in a #MeToo world. The stories start to change and morph and the GOP tries to find a message that works. They had to figure out a way to discredit her without saying she was a liar and repeating the whole Anita Hill debacle.

So the first defense was the "recovered memories are faulty". They sent Linda Chavez out to All In with Chris Hayes to float it. Republican operative Ed Whelan tweeted it (now deleted).

But that didn't work with the facts known (Blasey Ford shared it with a therapist in 2012, told her husband in 2006, friends have come forward saying that she's shared parts of it with them, if not the full story). And that alibi was largely being laughed at by the media as speculation -- except Jeanine Pirro, who was still going with it when everyone else had moved to the next one.

So they went with the "doppelganger" theory. Sure, she may have been attacked, but she got confused about the identity of the attacker.

First, they sent out Kathleen Parker to float it without specifics of the designated doppelganger, Chris Garrett. Seemed to work as a plausible deniability tactic, or at least, wasn't as openly mocked as the recovered memory one. Orrin Hatch's staffers are involved at this point because his Deputy Chief of Staff previews the coming tweet storm by Whelan.

And then Whelan puts the meat on the bone. He uses floor plans from Zillow, and names a person with a vague resemblance who, conveniently, is on Kavanaugh's list of character witnesses. The fact that Chris Garrett is still silent suggests to me that he volunteered to fall on the sword for his buddy Brett, because Whelan has been a political operative for a long time and knows a defamation suit by an innocent man unfairly accused would destroy all credibility of this defense.

Let that irony steep for a bit.

Because if Garrett didn't know, they just did to him what they're accusing Dr. Blasey Ford of doing to the undeserving Brett Kavanaugh.

So let's assume Garrett agreed to this (he's a middle school teacher--this could have job repercussions, but whatever, he's apparently along for the ride). Whelan also has a lot of very specific information that isn't in the public sphere and could only be provided by someone familiar with the actual event: Blasey Ford's friend, who attended the party as well. He also knew the layout of Garrett's childhood home and the similarity to Blasey Ford's description (apparently the staircase upstairs to the second floor had a landing in the middle). All that information he pushes into this tweetstorm to suggest that maybe this singularly traumatic event that has deeply affected Blasey Ford for decades could simply be ... her confusing one white guy with brown hair for another.

Blasey Ford immediately puts out a statement that she was friends with Garrett, visited him at some point in the hospital, and couldn't possibly confuse the two (the fact that they don't really look anything like each other shouldn't be ignored, either).

But Whelan names Garrett as a possible *actual* attempted rapist and then walks it back, claiming he didn't imply guilt, ultimately deleting the entire tweetstorm.

But that's exactly what he did. It's a GOP ploy as old as time : Poison the well. You call attention to the poison. People lose their mind over the poisoned well and then you walk it back BEFORE people stop and say, "Wait. How did you know it was poisoned?"

Because the answer to this is, BRETT KAVANAUGH gave Whelan the poison. No one else could have provided all of this info. And it implicitly ADMITS that the attack happened.

And what that means is that Kavanaugh knows exactly what Ford said did happen, it did happen, and he just wanted to throw out enough stuff for plausible deniability. So the GOP threw up woman after woman after woman as human shields against an attempted rapist.

Because women are only tools to them.

And even if you don't believe that a 35-year-old sexual assault is enough to keep him off the highest court in the land (although, understand, that makes you a garbage person of no moral standing), look at what he's doing now: Lying, cheating, gaslighting women, using sneaky underhanded and corrupt tactics.

This is not a judicial temperament that belongs in traffic court, much less the Supreme Court.

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