September 19, 2018

It is 8:00 pm on Wednesday night. The entire day has been consumed with cable outlets yammering and yammering about how Republicans are going to win this battle over Brett Kavanaugh because the woman accusing him of attempted rape 36 years ago does not wish to be re-victimized at the hands of our Republican overlords.

And who can blame her? After all, she's just a pawn in the larger game Republicans are determined to win. For them, nothing is ever about people. It's only about winning. Winning control, and in particular, dominating women.

I'm so angry I can hardly think, much less put two words together coherently. All of the echoes of the past, the beatings as a child, the catcalls on the street, the high school history teacher who decided he needed give me some "hands on" instruction, my "Big Boss" at my first real office job who called me in after my car was totaled and I was in a neck brace to feel me up before he approved an advance on my pay so I could afford to pay the doctor bills, the neverending slights, the lectures about what an "arrogant woman" I was when I competed for the same jobs as men, all of it. My rage is dangerously close to boiling over into a cauldron of pure, unadulterated piercing screams. Profanity-laced, eardrum-breaking screams.

Or tears. Either are possible. I'm one of those people who cries when she's angry. It's a liability.

It's impossible to understand how we live in a world where so many words are devoted to a thing yet nothing ever changes. Still, the rage remains.

And then, I see this article. This horrible, awful article from a horrible, awful person about how "liberal totalitarianism" is why Kavanaugh isn't confirmed already.

You don't need to read it; I'll summarize it for you. Mr. Sohrab Ahmari does not believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and is very, very frustrated that a "hazy, uncorroborated, decades-old assault allegation" is stalling a Supreme Court nomination, naming it liberal totalitarianism for purposes of fellating Rupert Murdoch and inflating his purse, supposedly.

I scream three words at him. Merrick. Fcking. Garland.

I scream it again: Merrick. Fcking. Garland.


It's as if they already forgot they STOLE the seat Neil Gorsuch occupies away from Barack Obama and Judge Merrick Garland. It's as if they forgot they stared down the barrel of the Constitution and then shredded it before our eyes in the name of Republican victory.

Anyone who wants an example of totalitarianism need only look up to the video at the top where the veryveryqualified Chief Judge of the D.C. Court of Appeals is denied meetings with Senators, a fair hearing and a vote by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell because he could.

No other reason. No rape allegations, no evidence of lies during sworn testimony, none of that. Just Mitch McConnell using that seat as a political lever to get out the vote in 2016.

Totalitarianism, pal? That's some totalitarianism for you right there. Defy the United States Constitution when it isn't working for you, and wrap yourself in it when it is. That's the motto Mitch Effing McConnell lives by.

Fck that.

Make no mistake, there is absolutely no reason to rush Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. None whatsoever. Zero, but for the fact that the White House sees this as a win, and conservatives understand that controlling women is of the utmost importance to their overall agenda.

No healthcare, no birth control, no abortions. It's like Brett Kavanaugh will be holding us all down with his hand over our mouths so we cannot scream.

To be clear: There is no reason not to fully vet Brett Kavanaugh. There is reason to investigate Dr. Ford's allegations (I believe her, but for the sake of history, do the thing). People who are lying do not generally request FBI investigations. There is every reason to be careful.

For some reason, authors like the jerk who wrote that trash for the New York Post think they have some high hand in this process, so let me remind Mr. Sohrab Ahmari that Brett Kavanaugh is asking to be given a seat for his lifetime on the highest court in this land.

And because that is such a solemn responsibility, he is being asked to show we, the people, that he is of high moral character and deserving of that seat. It's not OUR JOB to prove that. It's HIS. In his case, he's not being shut out like Judge Garland was. He's being interviewed.

Kavanaugh has lied at least twice during sworn testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. At least twice, maybe more. Those lies ALONE should disqualify him, but for Republicans' lust for absolute control over women, their children, their bodies, and their lives.

That is totalitarianism. Not asking for a full investigation and a complete disclosure of everything he did while jamming him onto the highest court in the land. Utter, complete totalitarianism.

If Republicans jam this through, Brett Kavanaugh should face impeachment proceedings, if not for attempted rape, then for the lies under oath.

Let's draft the paperwork now. And impeach him from Merrick Garland's court.

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