December 17, 2018

By the end of Neil Cavuto's interview with ex-Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Nunes was so thoroughly debunked that he was forced to admit that all his excuses and defenses for why Mike Flynn admitted to lying were only his opinion and little more.

(I saw this on Friday, but couldn't get to it until now.)

Rep. Devin Nunes, the most odious of Trump stooges in Congress omitted key elements of every story to justify and defend Trump and those in his stratosphere, as Trump stooges do.

Flynn resigned from the Trump administration for lying to VP Mike Pence, remember? Apparently Nunes didn't.

When Cavuto asked for Nunes' opinion, Devin replied, "It was nothing short of entrapment." And Devin was "infuriated," I tell you.

At first, he says the investigations into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election were almost over by the time Trump was sworn in -- an absolute lie -- and then he makes believe Flynn was illegally wiretapped talking with the Russian ambassador. And of course, it was horribly leaked!

Cavuto replied that even though it was leaked, "[Flynn] still pleaded guilty lying to federal agents. He did that. He admitted he lied. So, I don't know whether there's a there-there."

Neil then read Mueller's statement pushing back against claims that his office used tactics to cause Flynn to lie.

Nunes used the "faulty memory" defense that Rudy Giuliani uses for Trump all the time as if conversations with Russians completely became fuzzy all of a sudden.

And then Nunes veered off into "witch hunt" territory.

Cavuto asked, "I just want to be clear, Congressman. You don't think General Flynn lied because he said he did."

Nunes: "No and neither did the agent."

Cavuto: "Okay, so he agreed and pled guilty to lying."

Nunes: "Yea that's right. I have not talked to Gen. Flynn, but the guy had to sell his house. He was out of money."

Cavuto: "I know how much you honor the guy, praise the guy, had a great military and a very illustrious career. But he admitted he lied, he did lie. He told investigators he lied. That’s just the reality, right?”

Nunes: "Right, but it’s also called ‘entrapment."

Huh, WTF. He either lied or he didn't.

Cavuto: “No one had a gun to his head, though, sir, you know what I’m saying?”

Nunes: “Neil, if somebody come see you and takes your house and all your money and your retirement and you’re out of money and the prosecutors say, ‘Well, you know, you could admit to lying,’ Neil?”

Cavuto: "Well, that’s not what happened, though.”

Nunes: “That's exactly what happened."

"No, " said Cavuto firmly.

He asked if then Flynn was somehow was set up so he was forced to lie. "He agreed to what he said and acknowledged what he said many times."

Nunes: "I am only -- This is only my personal opinion.”


Cavuto reminded the liar Nunes, "In early January, he wasn't at that stage.”

A long silence followed.

Nunes: "Ahhh, pretty sure he was."

Cavuto: ""Not in 2017."

"I know he had to sell his house."

Yea, criminals often have to sell off their assets to pay their lawyer fees.

Whenever a former Trumper like Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying and it hurts Trump, then in Giuliani's world, he's not credible to say another word about Trumps' dirty dealings.

However, when a forever Trumper admits to lying, they were entrapped, at least in Devin Nunes' tiny pea brain.

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