Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told Wolf Blitzer that Mueller was "circling the wagons" around the Trump campaign, and he fully expected it to be the next target.
December 19, 2018

We've heard some tell that the Mueller case must be close to over. Perhaps it is wishful thinking on their part. We know it's wishful thinking on Trump's part. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, however, is on a very different page — reading a different book, even. On CNN tonight he joined Wolf Blitzer, who asked him his impressions about the mystery Grand Jury subpoena we only just learned about last week. It was served to an "unidentified company" owned by an "unnamed country." Now, if that's not enough to pique your interest, consider that when the court proceeding took place, it shut down the entire floor of the federal courthouse. NO ONE KNOWS to whom this subpoena was served. Even reporters were unable to glean the slightest crumb of information because the courtrooms on that floor were emptied and the halls were cleared out. The parties involved were able to evade detection via the courthouse's secret entrances and exits. Oooooooooo. Sssseeecreeet.

Senator Whitehouse wasn't able to shed any light on those specifics, but he gleaned from it that those predicting a quick end to the Mueller investigation were dreaming. There's a lot left for Mueller to probe, so to speak, and Whitehouse is just waiting for another humongous shoe to drop. In particular, he's waiting for the Special Counsel to go after what he called the "pro-Russia change in the Republican Party platform relative to our nation's position on Ukraine." You have Manafort, whom the Senator described as the most transactional person ever to be born on the planet, and Flynn, and their cooperation and guilty pleas. The dots are easy to connect because of their deep and early connections to the Trump campaign. What did they all get in return for this softening towards Russia? NOTHING? Come on.

In fact, Senator Whitehouse said, "I wouldn't put it past Mueller to indict the Trump campaign." I mean, it would be a Christmas MIRACLE, but we all know Mueller takes his time because he does not play politics. He just does his job. As Whitehouse said very pointedly, "UNLIKE Kavanaugh and Starr, back in the Clinton investigation, Mueller has done a very professional job of NOT litigating his investigation in the media and in the public..." But the Senator was convinced that no prosecutor, let alone Robert Mueller, "could walk away from that Ukraine plank switch," and that it's totally within the realm of possibility that he'll indict the Trump campaign for nefarious behavior related to that.

Blitzer asked him how that can happen, now that the Trump campaign organization seemingly no longer exists. We learned yesterday that in an unprecedented consolidation of power and resources, his 2020 reelection campaign has merged with the RNC into a single entity. Senator Whitehouse assured us it can be done. Even though the original campaign organization is no longer operational, there may be a "lingering corporate presence," and that Mueller could "work through that to get to other people."


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