January 17, 2019

“You should go listen to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, because they’re running this government."

Fox News' Juan Williams got into a heated argument with Martha MacCallum and Karl Rove
covering Nancy Pelosi and her remarks about postponing the SOTU address.

After Martha read some Rep. Ro Khanna's remarks about bringing in private mediators, she yelled that Congress is supposed to mediate a deal between them. In that, she's correct.

Williams said it's hard to negotiate with an intractable Trump, who is unwilling to compromise unless he gets his wall.

As the convo went from a "border wall" to a "fence." MacCallum then lost it and began yelling at Juan Williams, "What difference does it make what it's called?"

Williams, "It does make a huge difference..."

Williams explained that Democrats are all for border security including funding barriers, they just do not support a 2000 mile useless concrete wall.

Karl Rove pushed his way into the conversation trying to say that Trump is open to negotiating and then brought up Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton.

Williams replied, "You're talking about sea-to-shining-sea. This is ridiculous!"

Rove screamed, "Read the Goddanged bill."

Williams replied, "I will tell you what you should do. You should go listen to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter because they’re running this government and they forced this president into this trap.”

Martha said, "No, they're not." And then she went on to defend Trump, again.

Williams is right. There was a bipartisan deal to keep the government open until February, but after Limbaugh complained, Trump shut the government down.

No matter how much Karl Rove dances around like a headless chicken, Right-wing extremist media nuts are running the federal government now. Trump is an incredibly weak president. Sad!

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