Right-wing hate talker Dennis Prager and Fox host Jeanine Pirro continued the network's attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others for daring to oppose Amazon's corporate welfare in New York by conflating that opposition with Marxism and Socialism.
February 17, 2019

The talking heads on Fox "News," a.k.a. State-Run TV, really, really, really hate welfare when it means helping anyone living in poverty, but they love welfare for billionaires and corporations. They've been fixated on freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez since she first decided to run for office in New York, but the recent decision by Amazon to pull out of New York City has given them an excuse to ramp the attacks up to an 11.

Here's host Jeanine Pirro and right-wing hate talker Dennis Prager doing just that on this Saturday's Justice with Judge Jeanine, and warning that leftism is the root of all evils, and conflating Democratic Socialism with Marxism and Communism, and Pirro accusing her of not understanding the "fundamentals of taxation."

PIRRO: This week we saw a small and frightening glimpse of what your city and ultimately America could and will look like if Socialists continue to have their way. Thursday Amazon pulled out of its planned headquarters in New York City after facing a fierce backlash from liberal lawmakers, progressive activists, socialists and union leaders. A move that will now cost the city and its residents thousands of jobs, reflecting how Socialists attack our capitalist values and won.

Even the liberal New York Times admitted in their opinion piece what a loss it is for the city of New York. One of the leaders of this movement, none other than freshman Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, this in celebration of Amazon pulling out of the deal. “Anything is possible. Today was a day when a group of dedicated everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon's corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”


PRAGER: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a good example of the left since Marx. This is not new. They are not liberals, they are leftists, and for the left, the love of ideas is much greater than the love of people. That 25,000 people would have jobs, good-paying jobs, that massive numbers of workers in Long Island City and environs would benefit from Amazon coming there is of no consequence to them.

They care about corporate greed, not about bettering the life of human beings. In the name of equality, people don’t realize how much evil has been done. This is a little example. The French Revolution where it began, hey equality, and then they had guillotines. Oh equality, and then you had Venezuela. Oh equality, communist China. Oh equality, Soviet Union. Equality in the way the left means it, has caused more evil in the last hundred years than any other value.

PIRRO: You know, the amazing part of it is that Cortez in particular, doesn't seem to understand the fundamentals of taxation. She thinks that there is a $3 billion dollar pot of money we should just be giving to other countries or New Yorkers. What she doesn't get, is that there are 25,000 jobs, over $100,000 for... we're not talking about minimum wage, although minimum wage would be great, too.

So, you've got $2.5 billion that generates a tax revenue, and then you've got $3 billion that they are providing in an incentive, but every year, and then all the additional, the restaurants, the shop owners, the transportation, the Ubers, the infrastructure, the building, the construction. I mean, this is idiocy like I've never seen before. If there were a benefit to someone, I'd say okay, we have a difference of opinion. But this is pure stupidity.

PRAGER: Well, that's my point. Leftism is an emotion. It is not a position. And so, they so loathe that anybody is richer than anyone else, that it is better that everyone suffer at a low level than everyone be improved, but there still be much richer people.

They live the idea of the violation because I think in biblical terms, often, of the Tenth Commandment: Do not covet what belongs to someone else. The left is based on coveting. They loathe the idea that Bezos is rich. I can’t stand Bezos. But I don’t loathe that he’s a billionaire. It is irrelevant to me. The only question is, will he do good by bringing business to my city. The answer is an unequivocal yes.

PIRRO: And you, and 8 million square foot headquarters. And then finally, this can happen everywhere in the United States. This isn't just about New York. This is Socialism as the issue.

PRAGER: Yes. Socialism is this love of equality. And it, as I said, so much evil has been done in it. The idea everybody is equal. By the way, this is not just in economics. For the left, everything is flattened out to equality. Parent-child are equal. The left-wing mind set does not want the parents to be unequal to their child. The teacher to be unequal to their student. Everything is equal, and of course we are gods, we are equal, we are gods in our own eyes.

Marx said it and Engels said it. This is the beginning of leftism. I am my god. I don't answer to something higher than me. A child doesn't answer to a parent, a student doesn't answer to a teacher, a human doesn't answer to god. It is a flattening out in the name of equality.

PIRRO: Sad times.

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