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Trump Toady Held BIG Ceremony To Install Plaque With His Name On Repaired Border Fence

Not really hard to believe at all, is it, now? Our sensient Skinbag-In-Chief needs to have his name on everything.

Of course he did.

President Narcissist actually put a plaque with his name on it on a section of the fence that was repaired on our southern border. It said, "Here lies what was left of my shame. Hahahaha just kidding I never had any shame."

Watch as Alan Gomez reveals this astonishing-but-not-really tidbit to Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle on their show. They were discussing the bipartisan budged deal struck in Congress to avoid another shutdown, and fund the government. In attempting to predict whether it will succeed in doing that, Gomez rightly said that since no one on god's green earth knows what the hell is going on in that idiot Trump's head, it's impossible to tell. I'm paraphrasing only slightly.

Then he casually mentioned that Trump might just be satisfied with 55 miles of fencing, put a plaque on it like he did in California, call it a success and herald the win to the heavens. At that point, Ruhle stopped him in disbelief.

RUHLE: Wait, did he put his name and a plaque on some replacement fencing, already?

GOMEZ: Yes, down in southwest, the southern border in California. DHS Secretary Nielsen went down there for a big ceremony. They bolted a plaque on a wall.

RUHLE: On a fence that they FIXED?

GOMEZ: Yeah, they mentioned the fact that it was replacement for fencing that was funded under the Obama administration.

VELSHI: You can't make this stuff up. Kacie, thank you, Alan Gomez, thank you.

I mean, the faces of Velshi and Ruhle at this revelation couldn't be more like open books. Aghast. Appalled. Disgusted. And mildly bemused at the pathetic transparency of a man-baby who demands applause for getting his sh*t in the toilet. Insert Nancy Pelosi clap here. It might be funny if he weren't so goddamned dangerous.

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