Robertson doesn't like the new laws being passed, though, not because of what they say — but because they won't win in the Supreme Court.
May 23, 2019

Pat Robertson and the anti-choice, forced-birth fascists think the pro-choice movement is literally pro-infanticide. The absurdity of it would be laughable if it wasn't a successful propaganda tactic that resulted in severe curtailment of women's fundamental rights.

ROBERTSON: If the abortion fails, and the baby is born alive, then you keep the baby comfortable until you decide whether you want to murder it or not. Now, that's infanticide...It has nothing to do with the life of the mother, it has nothing to do with health, it has to do with whether you want to kill babies or not.

Nothing to do with health, you say? Allow me to introduce you to Jennifer Jeffrey, who dropped this sick and brilliant FB truth bomb earlier in the week about exactly what it is Robertson is lying his pathetic balls off about.

Since I work in healthcare, I will start posting graphic images of stillbirths and other gnarly shit like anencephaly, any and all forms of trisomy 13/18/21and any and all forms of chromosomal disorders, pyometria, uterine rupture, uterine prolapse, fourth degree perineal tears from breech presentation of a dead, decomposing fetus, teratomas, hydrops fetalis (which are the doctored pics you pro-life idiots are using LOL,- they are NOT aborted- it's a fucking fatal condition involving the kidneys, dumbasses).... add a lil preterm labor/placental abruption, Tetrology of Fallot concommittant with ANY of the other conditions listed, severe holoprosencephaly, and any other horrific conditions I deem fit to make my point.
So, you pro-fetus f*cks, let's see what you want women and babies to suffer. Let's see these deformities and cascading organ system failures as "God's will" or some sh*t. Everything on that list is horrific and if it is evidence of your god or a "miracle" then you are one sick, selfish f*ck and you are only forcing birth on women and sick babies to make your sorry-ass selves feel good. It's not about the women and babies- it's about you- and your "God" is one sick f*ck too.. The only people who subject clinically dead and/or non-sentient beings to awful experiments, fruitless medical interventions, and goddamn Sky-Fairy voodoo are you sick bastards.
Anencephaly, bitches.....literally "no brain"...but it has a pulse. Conservatives be like, "let's force this woman to deliver this dead baby with no brain....cuz it has a pulse." Well no sh*t it has a pulse, you unicellular's attached to a f*ckin placenta that is attached to a (for the time being) living woman. Let's see those medical pics, guys and gals!!!)

You can click on that link above to see the whole post, and the pictures - even if you're not on Facebook. It's a public post. But be warned - these are graphic photos — photos of what forced-birthers are equating with a doctor and mother murdering a perfectly healthy baby just for sh*ts and giggles.

NO doctor is delivering a healthy, full-term baby and giving the mother the option to kill it. Roberson is correct that that would be infanticide, and it's already illegal. These aren't situations wherein a woman suddenly decides 9 months in she doesn't feel like being a mother, so she will commit murder. These are situations wherein the baby has virtually no chance of survival to begin with, or the mother's life is in serious jeopardy. What Robertson calls "deciding whether or not to kill" a baby is really a shattered family is coming to terms with a baby about to die, and how to make that as painless as possible for everyone. Especially the baby.

But because it serves him and the Republicans politically to keep their base stupid and uninformed, they lie. Because they know it's how they get morons to keep sending them money, they lie. Because they know it's how they gin up outrage and get misogynists to the polls, they lie.

When Alabama passed the first of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the nation, though, Pat Robertson said the law was "too extreme." TOO EXTREME? Everywhere, people did a double-take. SO many jokes about how topsy-turvy the world was when liberals agreed with Pat Robertson on an abortion law! The wise ones warned, though - don't read too much into Robertson's hesitance, and they were right.

He didn't think it was too extreme because doctors shouldn't be jailed for 99 years for performing abortions. He didn't think it was too extreme because it criminalized the procedure before women even had the chance to learn they were pregnant. He thought it was too extreme because it wouldn't be a good case for the Supreme Court to accept to overturn Roe. It's too absurd. And he confirmed that again on Wednesday.

ROBERTSON: You can't have these extreme things and think it will get through the Supreme Court. It won't. So, if you want to hammer away at Roe v. Wade, the best way to do it is to do it incrementally, and it can be done. Well, that's the way it is.

Yup. His priorities still lie with stripping women of their most intimate and important health decisions because men don't enjoy birth control.

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