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David Corn Has HAD IT With Republicans Dancing Around Trump's Love Of Election Help From Foreign Governents

Trump says one thing, Republicans try to spin it, FOX News* and the Trump cult believe the spin, repeat.

Remember that disastrous interview Donald Trump did earlier this week when he confirmed he would take intel from a foreign government? Well, he tried to clean up the damage by saying on Friday that KIDDING, I would totally tell the FBI. That is untrue, but at least he gave it the college try.
One host on FOX News* even frowned up Trump taking intel...but not before his 2 cohosts sided with Trump, of course. And in typical GOP form, they bring up Hillary Clinton when trying to defend Trump's comments.

David Corn isn't having it. Here is his interview with Joy Ann Reid from MSNBC this morning:

DAVID CORN: Joy, you've gotta give me a moment to cut through the you-know-what, here. I'll get to Lindsey Graham in a moment, but we just heard Kevin McCarthy say that Trump did the right thing in 2016. He didn't do the right thing in 2016. We've heard several Senators say beforehand say, "Of course, you shouldn't take assistance from a foreign government." Well, that's exactly what the Trump campaign, at least TRIED to do. We had the Donald Trump meeting with the Russian emissary who came them as part of a project described to Manafort, to Kushner, and to Trump Jr. as a secret Kremlin plot to help them.

So, they didn't rebuff. They did the OPPOSITE. They embraced and they sent a message to Moscow. "Come on and do what you want to do to help us. We don't mind."

All those guys out there saying, "Of course you wouldn't do that," saying where is the criticism of what really happened and why, when Donald Trump Jr. comes to Congress and the House is he not put in a public hearing and asked about this? Because he did it. This is the biggest example we have.

Back to Lindsey Graham. There is no equivalence between anybody hiring an opposition researcher, whether they're a foreigner or an American, to get dirt on their opponent. Whether it's ethical or not is another question, but there's no equivalence between that and a foreign adversary coming in to help you and you accepting that and you saying, "Come on, let's do it." It's NUTS.

JOY REID: To say nothing of the fact that Christopher Steele was initially hired by Republicans to get opposition research on Donald Trump, not by DEMOCRATS.

To be clear, there is zero doubt that foreign countries will offer help to Donald Trump. They know he is desperate to cling to power to stave off potential charges for at least 4 years. He is a man clinging to the Presidency not only for financial reasons, but for legal ones. He is for sale, cheap. They know it. The GOP knows it. The GOP also knows that if they lose the White House, their entire criminal enterprise will start to crumble, their behind the scenes treachery will be unearthed and many of them themselves may have their foreign ties exposed. It is the ultimate devil's bargain.

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