June 22, 2019

What’s a chickenhawk like Sean Hannity to do when his lust for war with Iran is thwarted by his beloved Donald Trump? Why, make unhinged suggestions that Trump “bomb the hell out of” the country and gleefully advising he inflict “pain” “like never before.” All of that sanctioned by Fox News.

Sean Hannity never spent a minute serving his country but he has been longing for others to fight and die in a war against Iran since at least 2007. Then, just as his bloodlust was about to be fulfilled, Trump had a change of heart, if only temporarily.

What a pickle for a bullyboy! He obviously couldn’t bring himself to go on a rant against Bedtime BFF Trump. So, Hannity, Trump’s unofficial chief of staff, threw an on-air temper tantrum all but commanding Glorious Leader to get Hannity’s war party started already.

By the way, Hannity’s son is reportedly 20 years old. But I didn’t hear a word about him joining the military and fighting for this supposedly vital cause.

Despite his complete lack of experience, Hannity obviously thinks of himself as a great military strategist, if not commander:

HANNITY: Buckle up. All eyes are on the Middle East. Early this morning, a U.S. surveillance drone flying above the Straits of Hormuz over international waters shot out of the sky by an Iranian missile, this act of aggression is not going to stand. The president is putting the mullahs of Iran on notice. Tonight, they should be very, very worried.


Now, after meeting at the White House, Congressional Republicans, they released a statement. Quote: Iran directly attacked a United States asset over international waters, this provocation comes after they attacked and destroyed two commercial tankers in international waters. There must be a measured response to these actions.

Hmm, how do we define measured?

President Trump does not want war. He's said so clearly during the campaign. He's not interested in another, you know, years and years-long international entanglement, I don't expect one.

But in coming days, we will know if the mullahs are smart enough to take the opportunity which is a small window -- it may not even exist within five minutes. Because if they don't, the president will have no choice, he will bomb the hell out of them.

No need for a long protracted boots on the ground kind of war. We have the greatest military, thank God, on the face of this earth. We have the most advanced weapon system, and a strong message needs to be sent that a huge price will be paid if you take on the United States of America.

Simple peace through strength and it works. My strong opinion, it is imperative that we as a country develop what I call the next generation of military weaponry. We have learned from Vietnam. We have learned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sadly, wars we get involved in quickly become politicized. They do not end as they should with complete victory. We don't want our kids going door- to-door like they did in Iraq and having Democrats say come home and then being told, never mind, we didn't mean it.

America needs the single most advanced weaponry for all future conflicts. I'd prefer we devastate our enemies from Tampa, Florida. That generation of weaponry is something we need to advance as a country quickly and expeditiously.

Thankfully, tonight, we are in a new era. The weak, feckless Biden-Obama foreign policy is long dead and gone.


This is now a different time. There will be hell to pay, and the world is watching. China tonight is watching. Russia tonight is watching.

What happens in Iran will have ramifications all over the world. The North Koreans are watching.


Now, the mullahs must see the writing is on the wall. They either stop funding terror, proxy wars, stop attacking ships in the Gulf of Oman, stop plotting the annihilation of Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, and the United States.

If they do not end this hostility, if they do not stop, the mullahs of Iran will feel pain I predict like never before. And they will earn it. They will make it happen.

This was a pre-scripted monologue which means that some senior producer approved it. If this were just Hannity spouting his inflammatory opinion, it would be bad enough. But knowing that Hannity has Trump’s ear makes it unconscionable.

Watch the irresponsible rhetoric for which Fox is equally as culpable as Hannity above, from the June 20, 2019 Hannity show, h/t Media Matters.

Published with permission of NewsHounds.us

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