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Republicans Are Now 'Team Manifest Destiny Greenland'

Fox's Pavlich and the NRCC are pushing the idea that it's America's "destiny" to "own" Greenland.

In support of Donald Trump’s desire to purchase Greenland, Fox host Katie Pavlich suggested that it’s God’s will for the U.S. to purchase the country. One reason? Global warming will make it “more advantageous for tourism.”Fox ignored the international consequences of Trump's irresponsible temper tantrum over Greenland and Denmark

The New York Times explains how what seemed like a joke turned seriously ugly thanks to Trump's erratic and unbecoming behavior:But when [Danish] Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen made clear that Greenland was not for sale, Mr. Trump canceled a trip to Denmark scheduled for September. Even though the president initially insisted that the trip was not about buying Greenland, in canceling it he said it actually was.…Mr. Trump focused on Ms. Frederiksen’s comment that selling Greenland was an “absurd discussion,” as she put it. “It was nasty,” Mr. Trump told reporters as he left the White House for a trip to Kentucky. “I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do is say, ‘No, we wouldn’t be interested.’”…He then took to Twitter to further assail Denmark, saying that as a NATO member it did not contribute enough to military spending. And then for good measure, he went after NATO as a whole for not spending enough on their militaries.

Most of the lickspittles on The Five seemed to struggle with defending Trump’s latest childish outburst but none called it out. You know that if President Obama had ever behaved this way, the propagandists would have demanded his resignation.

Lead host Greg Gutfeld began by calling Denmark, “a rainy little monarchy made up of a hundred islands, some of which are barely inhabited.” He sneered, “Canceling a meeting with Denmark is like blowing off a lunch with that third cousin who wears a monocle and waxes his mustache.”

Gutfeld went on to suggest that nobody should take seriously Trump’s attack on an ally. Greenland, along with others Trump has attacked “are just comic sidekicks,” Gutfeld opined. He added, “They’re the Gomer Pyles of modern politics. Trump’s turned his presidency into his dream job: a talk show on wheels and he’s done it without having to spring for the budget plus he lives in his own green room.” This is what passes for humor on Fox.

“Effectively, this is not just the presidency, it’s the Truman Show redone as the Trump show,” Gutfeld continued, “which is good because Trump’s way funnier than Jim Carey. The danger is following the media’s lead and getting obsessed by this. To them, it’s the Game of Trump and they’re binging on it, reacting to every new plot twist and that’s just not healthy. Instead, sit back and enjoy the show. It’s all in good fun until, of course, someone loses an eye-land.”

Gutfeld made sure to explicitly brown nose. “This is kind of why I like Trump in the sense that he asks questions that I would ask,” Gutfeld said, “like, does anybody own the moon? Like, he’s a businessman. Everything’s for sale. … Can I buy Easter Island? I bet I could.”

Cohost Katie Pavlich sounded rather damning with faint praise. "Everything you tell Trump is a consideration, right? Like, he’ll talk about it openly and be like, ‘Oh, yeah that’s something we can talk about or consider.' Then they talk about it and he changes his mind because he’ll talk to anyone about anything.”Pavlich called it "manifest destiny" for the U.S. to purchase GreenlandPAVLICH: I am still on Team Manifest Destiny Greenland for lots of reasons. Everyone says that global warming is causing things to melt. More advantageous for tourism, right? But let the Greenlandic people decide if they want to be part of America or Denmark. Put it to a vote. They can decide. And then on a serious note, in 10 years, the media’s going to be saying what are we doing about the Chinese and Greenland? Because they want to mine in Greenland, they already wanted to put a bunch of airports in Greenland. China’s on a hundred-year plan, Trump is on a six-year plan that will extend to the history of the country and that’s something that we should be thinking about because China’s already there and we’re playing the short game and they’re playing the long game.

As notes, "Manifest Destiny, a phrase coined in 1845, expressed the philosophy that drove 19th-century U.S. territorial expansion. Manifest Destiny held that the United States was destined—by God, its advocates believed—to expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent."Only cohost Juan Williams was willing to call out Trump's irrational behavior

Calling Trump’s notion to purchase Greenland “an absurd, preposterous idea,” Williams said, “The problem’s with him, not with the people in Denmark, not with the people in Greenland. This guy, he goes so far –

The sycophants interrupted. “You’re having a mental breakdown,” Gutfeld shouted. “It’s fun!”

“It’s not The Truman Show,” Williams shot back. “This guy’s supposed to be the president.

That provoked a long lecture from cohost Jesse Watters about how the prime minister of Denmark was “nasty,” just like Trump said.

Because on Trump TV, Glorious Leader is always glorious.

Editor's note (Frances Langum)

Published with permission from News Hounds.

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