The thin-skinned WH resident who hates the press, for some reason trusts that same press to vet his nominees for cabinet positions. Makes about as much sense as anything else.
August 2, 2019

In a rare moment of accidental honesty, President Putinpoodle admitted to doing what the rest of us already knew. He doesn't vet his nominees. The White House doesn't vet his nominees. He just throws names out there if someone catches his eye on Fox News, and inserts them into whatever opening is most recent and hopes it all works out.

This time it was the anthropomorphically-named Rep. John Ratcliffe, whom Trumpy Bear had nominated to replace Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence. Within days Ratcliffe had to withdraw, because it became clear (thanks to our free press) that he'd had virtually no experience in the intelligence community, and had lied about the experience he said he DID have.

On the White House lawn today, Yamiche Alcindor asked Our Dear Leader about the administration's vetting process, such as it is.

His answer was really, um, something special.

TRUMP: No, you vet for me. I like when you vet. No, no, YOU vet. I think the White House has a great vetting process. Uh, you vet for me. When I give a name, I give it out to the press, and you vet for me. A lot of times you do a very good job. Not always.

ALCINDOR: What does that say about the WHITE HOUSE vetting process?

TRUMP: I think the -- if you look at it, I mean if you take a look at it, the vetting process for the White House is very good. But you're part of the vetting process, you know. I give out a name to the press and they vet for me. We save a lot of money that way. But in the case of John, I really believe that he was being treated very harshly and very unfairly.

So, the "Lamestream media" — whom he blames for the derailment of Ratcliffe's nomination — are the ones who do the vetting for him. The press, who he keeps penned up like animals during his Nuremberg rallies, inciting his Neanderthal audiences to attack with boos and jeers and obscenities, THAT VERY SAME PRESS are the ones he trusts to vet his cabinet candidates, and the people to advise him on matters of the utmost national security. The "fake news, dishonest, lying" press do a "very good job" in this role.

And it saves him a lot of money.

Got it.

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