Democratic Rep. Krishnamoorthi fielded the request from the CNN anchor to provide cover to the GOP to condemn the president. He was a lot nicer about it than I would have been.
October 10, 2019

Gather 'round, kids! Let's see your friendly, neighborhood teevee journalist do the "Both Sides" Two-Step while whistling the Impeachment Blues all at the same time. It's impressive! You can't even see the tiny violin Brooke Baldwin is playing for the Republicans while selling this false equivalency, trying to convince the Democrats to be gentle with them.

BALDWIN: So last question. I do want to hold the Democrats' feet to the fire a little bit, or Tim Naftali, who was sitting in your seat yesterday, a Nixon expert and historian, he was doing that.

REP. KRISHNAMOORTHI: My feet are getting warm.

BALDWIN: I just want to look down at my notes, so his point was, going back to Democrats in 1973, like, obviously Watergate. They bent over backwards to make the process appear fair, to make it bipartisan, to allow for Republicans to have cover so that the Republican party should eventually, and could eventually say Nixon needs to go. His point that it wasn't about Democrats versus Nixon, and that this shouldn't be about Democrats versus president Trump but it should be about America standing up for its constitution against a lawless president. So how will your party, moving forward, bend over backwards? Be bipartisan in this effort?

Oh, honey. HONEY. That ship has so f*cking sailed.

Seriously, NO one in their right minds thinks Watergate reached the level of national crisis to which Trump's selling of our elections has catapulted us. NO. ONE. Watergate was a mosquito bite on a rhino's ass compared to the peril our country faces now. The GOP of Nixon's day were ethical Pollyannas compared to today's Republican Party. Nixon's GOP cared about the Constitution and obeyed subpoenas. They respected Congressional authority and had regard for checks and balances. Today, Trump's party is filled with Nazis and misogynists who would happily cage babies at the border, and see our Kurdish allies slaughtered in an ethnic cleansing if it meant a Supreme Court that would rule to overturn Roe v. Wade so that men could exercise complete control over women's bodies. They ignore Congressional subpoenas. They lie to the press. They lie to the FBI. They subvert legitimate law enforcement investigations. They're as corrupt as any mafia crime syndicate you can imagine. They STOLE one Supreme Court seat, and got another by lying to Congress and stunting an FBI investigation. And Democrats should f*cking bend over backwards to be bipartisan?

Okay, okay, let's see how Congressman Krishnamoorthi answered.

REP. KRISNAMOORTHI: You know, I'm part of these hearings and closed-door hearings and testimony, as part of the Intel Committee and I can say our chairman has done everything he can to elicit voluntary cooperation from the Trump administration. If that doesn't work, then resorting to subpoenas, but really trying to accommodate any kind of legitimate objections in the production of certain information. But if you completely stonewall and delay and block and obstruct the inquiry, that's a whole matter altogether. And so, I don't think they can claim that the process is unfair when they're not even participating. They have to get involved and actually at this point bring forward all evidence that could bear on the allegations of the complaint. Right now my humble opinion, Brooke, is that the American people think there's a presumption that something very wrong happened. They saw the July 25th transcript. They've seen the whistle-blower complaint. So it's almost as though the Republicans and the White House need to come forward with all evidence to illuminate the situation and see if there's anything that mitigates. We're willing to look at everything. This is a sad moment for America. None of us came to Congress to impeach a president, but now we have to do our duty. We have to follow the facts wherever they lead.

Fine. That's a good answer, too. I would have thrown a few curse words in there just for color, but maybe that's why I haven't been elected to any kind of high office.

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