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Sean Hannity Threatens To 'Unload It All' On Jimmy Kimmel

Sean Hannity bizarrely threatened to “unload” on Jimmy Kimmel, presumably to make a gallant defense of Melania Trump’s son, Barron.

Sean Hannity bizarrely threatened to “unload” on Jimmy Kimmel, presumably to make a gallant defense of Melania Trump’s son, Barron, in a fit of hypocritical outrage over the invocation of young Trump's name during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing.

During an interview with Insult Queen Stephanie Grisham, Hannity made it clear that going after first ladies is terrible – unless they deserve it, like Michelle Obama did.

HANNITY: When you’re going after the first lady, or a teenage kid, this is a line that’s crossed but yet they justify it. How come that’s allowed because if it was anybody going after – [Hannity threw his hands up] you know, short of Michelle Obama saying for the first time I’m proud of my country, bringing herself into the arena, it’s crossed lines we’ve never seen, Stephanie.

In addition to the Michelle Obama hypocrisy, Hannity conveniently forgot his own and his colleagues’ history of using President Barack Obama’s daughters to attack their father, and in far worse ways than Prof. Pamela Karlan’s mild joke at the impeachment hearing.

Of course, Grisham – who has her own problems with truth – didn’t correct the record nor express sympathy for Michelle Obama. “That’s the tolerant left for you and that’s the left-wing media for you,” the woman who called Never Trump Republicans “scum” replied.

For some reason, Hannity thought he’d really look like an avenging angel if he resurrected his bonkers attacks on Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s how I described them in April, 2018:

Snowflake Sean Hannity spent the first half of his show having a meltdown over Jimmy Kimmel last night. Hannity insisted it was on behalf of Melania Trump. But I think it’s a safe bet it had more to do with Kimmel’s hilarious mockery the night before.

The feud began after Kimmel mocked Melania Trump, her sham marriage and her incoherent English Monday night. Hannity attacked Kimmel Wednesday night and called him an assclown. The next night, Kimmel comedically shredded Hannity who hit back with a series of tweets tagging Kimmel’s show's corporate parent and calling him “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” As if that was supposed to make Melania feel better.

Shortly thereafter, Kimmel called off the feud with apologizing to either Melania or Hannity.

But now, Hannity claimed victory and threatened to “unload” on Kimmel. As far as I know, Kimmel said nothing about Barron (though he did say Melania was dressed “just like the gifts they wrap” during his take on the lighting of the White House Christmas tree and he later made a joke about her trying to get any sex with her husband over with as quickly as possible).

Regardless, Hannity is ready to fight Kimmel again!

HANNITY: By the way, when Jimmy Kimmel – we had a big fight that I won and I dare him to start it up again. Jimmy, start it. Just start up one more time. I have a lot to bring out. I was just ready, on the verge of unloading it all.

Hannity went back to whining about the unfair treatment of birther Melania who has yet to fulfill her promise to explain the sketchy circumstances of her immigration. But then again, Hannity is a fellow birther who has also reneged on a big promise.

But as the segment ended, Hannity reiterated his threat to Kimmel:

HANNITY: My offer stands at Jimmy Kimmel. I dare you. Start up again, I will unload like you’ve never seen. I’ve got it all racked up, ready to go.

I’m sure Kimmel is shaking in his boots.

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