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Elizabeth Warren Explains Her Wealth Tax To Joy Behar On The View

Joy Behar said her friends are afraid of Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren was a guest on The View yesterday, and she made the case for her wealth tax after Joy Behar said her friends were afraid of her.

"While on the subject of paying taxes, I have to say I like you a lot. I want you to be successful," Behar said.

"You're smart and obviously energetic and everything else. But I have to tell you, anecdotally, I hear from people -- very wealthy and middle-class people are afraid of you because they think you'll tax the bejesus out of them and they don't like it. The people who would normally love you are afraid of you."

"Well, let's talk a little bit about my tax plan," Warren said.

"I think it's time for a wealth tax in America. This is a tax on the top one 10th of one percent, $50 million and above, your fortune. In other words, your first $50 million is free and clear, but on the 50 millionth and first dollar, you've got to pitch in two cents on every dollar after that."

"What about the middle class?" Behar said.

"No, that's not the middle class," Warren said. "I don't have plans to increase taxes on the middle class. I figured out how to do every plan I've got out there without increasing taxes on the middle class."

As to Joy's pals: Look, you already live in one of the most expensive cities in the world and so far, you're not living on the street in a cardboard box. But there are people who are living on the street in a cardboard box. There are people who can't afford lifesaving insulin. Kids are in crumbling schools with no supplies.

So excuse me if I'm not upset about whether you get to go on three vacations instead of your usual four. Some of us haven't had a vacation in years.

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