In a recent fundraising email, Jordan lies that court-ordered redistricting is coming to Ohio and is a threat to him that requires supporters to dig extra deep.
Jim Jordan's Raising Money Off Of A Lie That's As Pointless As It Is Brazen
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January 11, 2020

Last year, the Supreme Court ruled to protect partisan gerrymandering and keep letting Republicans cheat democracy in states such as Ohio, where lower court judges had overturned a heavily gerrymandered map. Rep. Jim Jordan doesn’t care about the fact that the challenge to Ohio gerrymandering has been dead since October, though, any more than he cares whether college wrestlers under his supervision are sexually abused.

In a recent fundraising email, Jordan pretends that court-ordered redistricting is coming and is a threat to him that requires supporters to dig extra deep.

“Since Obama left office…Holder has been focusing his energy on the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), a liberal group whose goal is to steal Conservative seats in Congress, not at the ballot box, but in the courts,” a Jordan fundraising email said, as reported by Mother Jones. “And now his sights are set on me!! Recently, three judges struck down Ohio’s Congressional map, stating that all Ohio Congressional districts must be redrawn before next year, including mine!”

It’s just a pack of lies. That “recent” court decision was in May 2019 and was overturned by the Trump Supreme Court. Jordan’s district is not going to be redrawn. Since it’s hard to believe that Jordan is having trouble with fundraising, given his star turn during the House impeachment hearings, it seems like he’s just lying for sport here. Which is about right for Gym Jordan, but still noteworthy in how unsurprising it is.

(As a side note, though, kudos to whoever writes Jordan’s fundraising emails. This perfectly captures not just his lying but his shouty tone—reading it, you can 100% hear Jordan’s voice.)

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