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Trump Vows To 'Terminate Health Care' Despite COVID-19 Deaths On The Rise

The GOP has nothing with which to replace Obamacare, but that does not concern Trump. He just wants to destroy everything Obama-related, even if it is helping Americans stay alive during a pandemic.

With the Supreme Court hearing arguments this week and next, a reporter asked President Beelzebub this afternoon if he was planning to continue on with his administration's lawsuit to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Here's his response:

TRUMP: Obamacare was a disaster, but we ran it very well. And we made it barely acceptable. It was a disaster under President Obama, and it's very bad health care. What we want to do is terminate it and give great health care, and we'll have great health care, including pre-existing conditions, 100 percent pre-existing conditions. Now we've already pretty much killed it, because we got rid of the individual mandate...but what we are doing is we're gonna terminate health care for - under Obamacare because it's bad, and we're replacing it with a great health care at far less money and it includes pre-existing conditions.

"We're gonna terminate health care...."

If that isn't the most Freudian of slips, because we all know that's what he and his GOPack of Hyenas wants. Health care only for those who can afford it. He realized the gaffe, though, continuing, "...for - under Obamacare because it's BAD..."

Furthermore, what's this great health care that's going to cost far less and cover all pre-existing conditions? He's had nearly four years to come up with something, and crickets.

Because what's more macabre than throwing tens of millions of people off their health insurance, with no plans for transition to the new insurance plan, let alone THE NEW PLAN ITSELF, in the middle of a pandemic that has laid this nation low to the tune of 1.25 million COVID-19 cases and 75,000 deaths? Especially when Trump can literally be held accountable for 60% of those deaths? The Washington Post even has a "Trump Death Clock" to keep everyone up to date.

But, sure. Terminate health care. Get rid of that disastrous Obamacare.

Oh, not sounding like the best idea? Here's what the presumptive Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden had to say about it.

If you are currently covered by insurance thanks to Obamacare…

Joe would defend and build on Obamacare to give you a new public option and lower premiums. That’s a stark contrast with President Trump, who supports a lawsuit to get rid of Obamacare and junk health plans that weaken coverage protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.

If you just lost your employer-based coverage because you lost your job…

Joe would have the federal government step in and cover 100% of the cost of keeping you on your employer-based plan (called “COBRA” insurance) – that means neither you nor your employer would have to keep paying the premium, and you’d get the same coverage you had before for the duration of the crisis.

If you just lost your job but didn’t have employer-based coverage…

Joe would reopen enrollment for Obamacare plans and offer a Medicare-like public option, with the federal government providing enhanced premium subsidies.

VP Biden's fact sheet goes on like that, but it is the final paragraph that should eliminate any question about who would do a better job handling this crisis:

Biden Guarantee for All: No matter whether you are insured or how you are insured, Joe would make sure every single person in this country gets free testing and treatment for the coronavirus.

Wouldn't THAT be nice?

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