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Tucker Carlson's Writer Resigns Amid Discovery Of Racist And Sexist Online Remarks

A top writer for Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News resigned on Friday. Blake Neff had posted outrageously offensive comments on AutoAdmit, a forum that is the lawyers' equivalent of 4Chan.
Tucker Carlson's Writer Resigns Amid Discovery Of Racist And Sexist Online Remarks
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Tucker Carlson might have to fund his own show at this point, as the few remaining sponsors may be set to flee.

His top writer, Blake Neff, had to resign, after he was outed as having posted racist and misogynistic comments and threads on AutoAdmit, which is basically 4Chan for the law community. I could say something really mean, here, like, why would the law community even need a 4Chan-like forum? But I won't. I'm a nice person. Some of my relatives are lawyers!

Anywho, Carlson was super palsy with Neff, thanking him in the acknowledgements of his book, credited him as a great writer on Fox's "The Five," and claimed he helped make his own show the success it is.

I'll let you read CNN's incredibly painstaking reporting for all the repulsive details of Neff's behavior. As for his deep connection to the show, though, there is absolutely no doubt.

In some cases, language Neff used on the forum ended up on the show. The night of June 15, in commenting on a football coach who was the subject of controversy over a sweatshirt he'd worn, Neff wrote on the forum, "[I]t is your f***ing right as an American to wear whatever T-shirt you want, and hold whatever political views you want. Christ." The next night on his show, Carlson said, "And they can wear whatever shirts they want. You thought that was true. You thought that was your right as an American."

Other times, Neff may have used knowledge he had gained in his job at Fox News to post to the board. On the afternoon of July 1, Neff started a thread titled, "Two GOP senators propose replacing Columbus Day w/Juneteenth." In the thread, he wrote, "Coming out this afternoon if it isn't out already." That afternoon, it was public; that night, the proposal was discussed on Carlson's show.

Carlson is allegedly going to address this completely unsurprising development on his Monday evening show. Be prepared for utter bullsh*t and a complete non-apology, devoid of any self-awareness or taking of responsibility.

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