Trump 2020 adviser Steve Cortes lied about Joe Biden wanting taxpayer funded health insurance for undocumented immigrants, while fearmongering that any of them ever being allowed citizenship and the right to vote is going to destroy the country.
August 8, 2020

Divide and conquer, and pitting one group of working people against another is all these people have left at this point. Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes made an appearance on this Saturday's Fox & Friends, and proceeded to lie right out of the gate, with an assist by host Todd Piro, about Joe Biden's immigration plan, and whether undocumented immigrants should have "taxpayer funded" health care.

PIRO: In the meantime, another big story we are following right now with less than 90 days until the election. Former vice president Joe Biden is highlighting some of the policies he would put in place if he wins including this on illegal immigrants. Here to discuss Trump 2020 campaign senior strategy adviser Steve Cortes. Steve, thanks so much for being here. I mean look. I'm taking a step back.

Good morning to you. I'm taking a step back and saying we have a pretty compromised economy right now. Obviously yesterday's job numbers were somewhat positive, but, you know, you'd be naive if you said we are doing really great right now when it comes to our economic situation in this country. What happens to an already compromised economy if Biden's immigration policies become law?

CORTES: Right. Look. It's a terrific points you make. There are reasons for optimism. There are a lot of green shoots out there right now in our economy. All of us know we have a lot of hard work ahead to get back to the heights of the Trump boom that we enjoyed just earlier this year. We have an economic crisis in America because we have a health crisis in America. None of this is our fault. It was all caused by the Chinese communist party. Their deception infected the world and crashed the global economy.

But at a time like this, the last thing we need in the United States is to invite in a lot of illegal workers who will unfairly compete in the wage market against Americans, who are trying and yearning to get back to work.

On top of that Joe Biden promises taxpayer funded healthcare for illegals. He calls them undocumented. By the way I hate that phrase. It makes it sound as though some paperwork is out of order. No, they are illegal migrants to this country. They trespassed into our land. They do not belong here in the first place.

But the idea that in the midst of a health crisis we would offer American healthcare and American science to treat at taxpayer expense, people who don't belong here in the first place is simply lunacy, and it is representative, unfortunately, of what has happened to Joe Biden.

He an empty vessel who has been commandeered by the most fringe left wing elements of American policies. They believe in open borders, even though they won't use that phrase. This kind of policy is de facto open borders. It's wrong for our economic and national security.

Yeah, who wants to make sure that all of those people who are out there picking our food in the fields and working in the meat packing plants across the country don't get sick and have access to health care? If Republicans actually cared about curbing the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States, they'd go after the employers who are hiring them with some meaningful fines or jail time, but it will be a cold day in hell before that ever happens. They'd rather demonize the workers who are just out there trying to survive and feed their families as Cortes does here.

After further fearmongering over Biden saying he wasn't going to build any more border wall with Mexico, Cortes moved onto railing about, heaven forbid, immigrants ever being allowed to become citizens, and basically said it will destroy America if it's allowed. Which was immediately followed by him claiming that Hispanics are going to vote for Trump on issues of the economy, and abortion.

So which is it Steve? Are Hispanic undocumented immigrants going to ruin the country because they'll never vote for Republicans if they're allowed to become citizens, or does your party actually have something to offer them if that happens?

CORTES: But number two, and I think this is crucial, let's just be honest about where Joe Biden and his radical friends are headed. They want illegal immigrants to come to this country because they promise them citizenship. Because once they are citizens, they believe they will have tens of millions of new voters and they will change this country permanently. That is the real goal, and I think America needs to be aware of that, just how high the stakes are.

Once you promise citizenship to illegals, you are talking about a permanent, political transformation of America and that's where the Democrats are headed.

COMPAGNO: Now, Steve, we understand you have a new op-ed out on why Biden's numbers among Hispanics are tanking. Explain to us and the viewers why that is.

CORTES: Sure, so I published this article at the National Pulse and I point out to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, Joe Biden is only polling at 45 percent support among Hispanics. That's about 20 percentage points worse than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, and that was already a very disappointing performance for the Democrats.

And I really think there is two reasons, and I name in the article small business and religious faith. On the issue of small business, we Hispanics are statistically the most entrepreneurial demographic in America by quite a long shot, actually. And before this country was hit by the Chinese virus, Hispanic entrepreneurs, all entrepreneurs but particularly Hispanic ones were thriving in this country under the policies of our entrepreneur and chief president Trump. He produced the Trump boom that we enjoyed for the first three years of his administration, and he will compel the Trump boom 2.0. I think Hispanic start up people know that.

Secondly on religious faith, we are, we Hispanics are a conservative people culturally, politically, religiously. According to a recent Pew poll, we are 17 percent more pro-life than other Americans. Joe Biden has now embraced the really just treachery of abortion all the way until the day of birth. He has promised to, again, target the Little Sisters of the Poor. He denies working class Hispanic families who want to send their children to religious schools that option via education choice. On all of these issues, I believe that Hispanic people are rejecting, quite rightly the Biden vision.

JENKINS: Steve Cortes, Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser we shall see if your predictions come true. Thanks, Steve.

And good luck with Trump running on the economy with the way he and Moscow Mitch have mishandled this pandemic and our response to it. We've had a Trump "boom" alright. That "boom" was the sound of the Obama economy he inherited being blown to shreds.

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