CNN's Jake Tapper slammed the GOP for hitching their wagon to the likes of Rudy Giuliani and the rest of Trump's legal team that couldn't even manage to book their press conference at the right place over the weekend.
November 8, 2020

CNN's Jake Tapper with a reminder that Republicans won't stop kowtowing to Trump anytime soon, and slammed the party for hitching their wagon to the likes of Rudy Giuliani and the rest of Trump's legal team that couldn't even manage to book their press conference at the right place over the weekend.

Donald Trump’s increasingly desperate bid to hang on to the White House crossed into abject farce on Saturday, after his campaign staged a purportedly major press conference at a Philadelphia landscaping business situated between a crematorium and sex shop.

On Saturday morning, as Trump played golf and continued to baselessly accuse the Democrats of stealing the election for Joe Biden, the president announced, in a tweet that was subsequently deleted, a “big press conference” at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.

Trump quickly altered his statement, revealing that the press conference venue was not a Four Seasons hotel, but Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a suburban business between a crematorium and an adult book store on the outer edges of the city.

“Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – 11.30am!” the president tweeted at 9.45am.

The Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia distanced itself from both campaign and landscaping company.

Tapper wished the party "good luck" if this is what they choose to stick with, but he continues to give way too much credence to the notion that Republicans are EVER going to work in good faith with Democrats. Unless he was asleep during the Obama administration, he should already know that the answer to the question he posed on that issue is "hell no."

TAPPER: For anyone who's been paying attention for the last five years, president Trump's refusal to acknowledge that he lost the election, and his refusal to concede graciously was completely expected.

That so many Republican officials to this day have yet to acknowledge president-elect Biden and vice president-elect Harris is also frankly, not a surprise. Neither Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy have even issued statements congratulating Biden and Harris, much less reached out to them to offer to work together for the benefit of the American people. Again, not a shock.

With very few notable exceptions, including Governor Hogan and Senator Romney with whom we spoke earlier, Republican officials have been complicit in the indecent behavior the president has subjected the nation to for the last five years—lies, the cruelty, the inadequate handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has cost more than 237,000 lives in the United States, a number that continues to grow.

They no longer have to behave this way, Republican leaders, but right now many of them are either, a, going along with this fiction that there is any credible evidence of election fraud, or, b, they are issuing mealy-mouthed statements about how the statement about how the president has has every right to seek his day in court for any legitimate claims, even though they know there are no legitimate claims.

So why? After all, president Trump will be shown the door on January 20th whether he concedes or not. Well, it's because he is not leaving American political life. As long as there is a twitter and a right-wing media ecosystem, Donald Trump will have a voice. As long as he has a voice, he will have influence with his tens of millions of supporters. And as long as he has influence with those supporters, Republicans who want to gain or to keep power will refuse to cross him.

In his address to the nation last night, president-elect Biden did something I've never heard a president-elect do. He presented as his mandate the notion of compromise. The desire to work with Republicans. The desire to heal divisions. This quality is actually one of the things about him that many progressives disdain. They think he is naive. Is he?

Are Republicans going to accept his offer in good faith? Will they join Democrats, roll up their sleeves and do everything they can to help this nation in pain? I don't know. The 70 million Trump voters, well they need leadership, frankly. They need to have their concerns addressed and fought for.

But right now the majority of Republicans in Washington, they are not on planet earth. They are with these guys. Do you know what this is? This is a press conference held by Rudy Giuliani and the rest of the president's legal team yesterday, making wild, completely unsubstantiated allegations about voter fraud.

Now, originally the president billed this press conference as taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Philadelphia, but it actually ended up being held in the back of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, no relation to the hotel, very far from the center of Philadelphia, next to Fantasy Island Adult Books, across from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center, in an industrial part of town north of the that Coney Palm Island bridge.

An obvious screw-up in booking, but they all played along, pretended that that was the master plan the whole time.

That's what republican lawmakers want to stick with? Good luck with that.

It's not just Trump. As long as the right-wing echo chamber of Fox, OANN, hate talk radio, QAnon, far right blogs and on and no continue to push this crap, there's no hope of any of them joining the fact-based universe anytime soon.

UPDATE: This reaction seems to sum it up best.

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