Fox's Tucker Carlson proves once again that he's waaayyy too sensitive when it comes to anyone who dares to point out that Republicans and the right have themselves a white supremacist domestic terrorism problem.
January 30, 2021

Fox's Tucker Carlson proves once again that he's waaayyy too sensitive when it comes to anyone who dares to point out that Republicans and the right have themselves a white supremacist domestic terrorism problem.

During an extended rant on his show this Friday, Carlson raged about the Department of Homeland Security issuing a warning about the threat of domestic terrorism, motivated by white supremacy, and by the Big Lie that the election was supposedly stolen from Trump that they've been telling over and over again on Carlson's propaganda network:

Despite right-wing supporters having waged a fatal insurrection at the U.S. Capitol only weeks earlier, Carlson lashed out at coverage of the National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin.

"American citizens are more dangerous than foreign terrorists?" Carlson asked in disbelief.

He then attempted to impersonate critics saying, "Fox News is so extreme."

"No show on this channel would ever put that on the air," he vowed. "And if anyone did, people would resign in protest because that is completely untrue and completely reckless."

The louder they yell, the closer to home you know all the criticism is getting.

Despite the fact that we just witnessed a bunch of Trump supporters attack the Capitol on January 6th, which resulted in the loss of life and injuries of close to 140 members of the Capitol Police, with members of Congress narrowly escaping the same fate, Carlson downplayed the potential for more violence:

CARLSON: The problem is much bigger than that and it's not funny. He, and that former Obama official you just saw told their viewers that millions of American citizens are terrorists. Now, that's a lie, for one thing it's just not true. Press a little and you'll find the Department of Homeland Security, which has been amping up the domestic threat for the past week, at great cost to people's sanity, DHS has no actual evidence that Trump voters are planning to hurt anyone. There is no evidence of a plot of any kind. They can see that. Trust us, they would tell you if they found a plot. But the question you have to ask yourself, is what kind of effect do lies like that, the ones you just heard, calculated to terrify you, what kind of effect do they have on the country? Especially over time, this is not new.

No one is calling all Trump supporters terrorists, but that's the standard line we've been hearing from Fox for ages now. If you call anyone who supports Trump an extremist, you're calling everyone who supports him an extremist. If you call any Trumpers terrorists, you're calling all of them terrorists. If you attack Trump, you're not attacking him, you're attacking his supporters. It's a neat trick of theirs, designed to incite the ones who aren't already radicalized, by making anyone who talks about how dangerous the right has become into an enemy.

Carlson wrapped things up by calling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who gets close to 80% of her political donations from small individual contributions) a "tool of corporate power" because, heaven forbid, she dared to call out her Republican colleagues for being white supremacist sympathizers.

Carlson railed against “power-made members of Congress dividing people by race so they can conquer,” bringing up language about “white fragility” and “white supremacy” in particular.

On MSNBC this week, Ocasio-Cortez said, “There are legitimate white supremacist sympathizers that sit at the heart and at the core of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives… There’s no consequences for racism, no consequences for misogyny, no consequences for insurrection.”

Carlson played the clip before saying, “That woman is a tool of corporate power posing as a truth-teller. Look at her campaign contributions. Who is supporting her campaigns? People who want to change the subject away from economics to identity politics.”

“Think about the effect on the people listening,” Carlson remarked. “We are not sure who she’s talking about.”

He said the New York congresswoman is pushing a “dark fantasy designed to terrify people and make them easier to command,” and added, “Talk like that from our leaders, from our elected officials, is going to turn some of our citizens very, very radical. You don’t want to live in a country with very, very radical people.”

We're stuck with that for now, Tucker, as long as there are people like you polluting our airways, keeping them worked into a frenzy on a daily basis, angry about the lies you're telling them day after day.

I thought AOC was supposed to be some dangerous "radical Socialist," with her Green New Deal, who wants to destroy the country by turning everyone into a bunch of lazy moochers who just want to live off of the government. Now she's a corporate shill. Who knew?

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