March 4, 2021

For five years Donald Trump used the most offensive language and nasty attacks on his political rivals or anyone that disagreed with him either during press events, interviews, and on social media.

Republicans stayed silent.

But when Texas Governor Abbott unceremoniously and without consulting his own medical experts rescinded mask requirements, President Biden immediately called him out for "neanderthal thinking."

The GOP snowflakes in government and right-wing media seized up in spasms of whinery.

Greg Abbott said, "It's not the type of word a president should be using."

Yes, Abbott (Not with Costello) actually said that.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves claimed he had a PTSD attack from Biden's word, reliving the "trauma" from when Hillary Clinton called some crazy republicans "deplorables."

"Today I feel the same way as I did the day Hillary Clinton called all of us in middle America deplorables."

And to cap it off, on Fox and Friends, Missouri's seditious Senator Josh Hawley was flummoxed and attacked Biden for not being "Mr. Unity," and getting out to middle-America more.

Pres. Biden just came back from Texas offering millions of dollars of federal aid, but whateves.

Let's look at the Texas COVID rate, shall we?


Texas had over 7000 cases of COVID on March 3 alone, but that didn't matter to Gov. Abbott, since he needed to change the media attention away from the nightmare of the Texas freeze.

It appears he's willing to kill more people for a PR stunt?

Mississippi is in the southeast and not middle America, but maybe Gov. Reeves just watched The Lord of the Rings.

And Josh Hawley?

Where to begin with that Christofascist.

We agree with Charlie Pierce: The ones Joe Biden really owes an apology to are Neanderthals. They are more advanced than today's Republican Party.


Marsha Blackburn praises the Neanderthal as a bold capitalist:


The Neanderthal Museum agrees with President Biden:

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