July 7, 2021

At a Capitol Hill Lobby Day event sponsored by Rick Santorum's organization Patriot Voices, Arizona's Rep. Andy Biggs made some pretty outrageous accusations against fellow Congress members. The moderator asked him about the inner workings of the Democratic party, as he sees it up close, and he responded, get this:

"My own opinion is that they are enemies of the state."

Oh. Well, that's not alarming talk, coming from the party favoring insurrection, limitless gun access, and state-controlled media.

"There are a handful of moderates left....But, by and large, if you Democrat and a moderate right now, you are hunkering down, hoping that the shrapnel that's being sprayed by the hard left in there will not land on you. They are very, very hard left."

I mean, your king literally thinks Hitler did some great things, and is responsible for upwards of 500,000 COVID deaths, but keep talking about the dangers of the Democrats, Andy.

As proof of these dangers, Biggs cited the Democratic committee chairs. "I sit on a committee with Jerry Nadler. That's outrageous."

I agree. There's no way in any universe Andy Biggs should have any committee assignments worth a damn.

"Maxine Waters chairs a powerful committee. Carolyn Maloney. If you want an instance of total left wing snowflake meltdown, look at the hearing last week, when the ranking member had the temerity to suggest that we didn't need to extend benefits anymore for the Feds. They, there is a cadre in there that really believe that," said Biggs.

With good reason, actually...benefits are helping. But we don't associate Biggs or any of the GOP with good reason. I mean, whenever one of these moops opens their mouth, I wanna go around singing "Projection" to the tune of "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof. Because which is the party that has multitudes literally believing the other is a group of underground baby-eaters?

Then, more projection, as Biggs accuses random unnamed Democratic colleagues of lying when they took their oaths of office. "I think you've got 65 or so hard, hard left people, and probably 5 or 10 that probably lied when they took the oath to honor and obey the constitution," said the man who voted to overturn a presidential election.

But then Biggs just gives away the whole game. He admits if it weren't for the filibuster, he'd actually have to negotiate with the Democrats. I mean, no sh*t, most of us know this, but it's still pretty jarring to the senses to hear them say it out loud.

"Fortunately for us, the filibuster is still in effect in the Senate. Without that, we would be dead meat, and this thing would be done. Then we'd be having a little bit more frantic discussion than we're having today. But thank goodness for Sinema and Joe Manchin."

Terrible grammar of his last sentence aside, Sinema and Manchin are sure serving the Republicans well in the Senate, here, but never ever shift blame away from the damn fascist, authoritarian cultists willing to tear down democracy who are pretending they are still a legitimate party in this system. One of them is named Andy Biggs.

Video attribution: Lauren Windsor

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