Candace Owens, staunch COVID vaccine and mask denier, was denied a COVID test and all of a sudden COVID IS REAL. Oh, and so is racism all of a sudden.
September 2, 2021

Candace Owens, who famously tweeted this:

And this - she calls herself a "miracle"

Welp, karma decided to slap little old Candace in the forehead because now she is not feeling well. Whoopsie. She is reportedly in Aspen, CO and NOW she has decided that COVID is real and she needs a COVID test.

Guess who is suffering consequences of their actions. The private testing facility decided that they wanted nothing to do with whackjob Candace and sent her this amazing email:

Candace threw a FIT - watch this video at your own peril. Lots of vocal fry, eardrum piercing whining and unfounded allegations of racism. Just a reminder that just because a person denies service to a Black person, it does not always mean racism. Sometimes it is just -- YOU. And a free market means private businesses do not have to serve you (remember you all supported a baker not making a cake, right?).

Twitter had a FIELD DAY:

This just about sums it up:

Racism isn't real to Candace, until affects her. COVID isn't real, until it affects her. Maybe work on being a better person, Candace? Karma....she is a sweet thing.


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