I thought Fox News and Republicans are cancel culture warriors who hates when people are censored? I guess that only applies to right-wing conspiracy theorists and QAnon wackos.
September 2, 2021

Owners of Darbary Diner. a Florida restaurant, attacked all Americans who voted against Traitor Trump by refusing to serve them any longer.

Fox News host and former Trump sycophants Kayleigh McEnany and Pete Hegseth rejoiced at this news. After reading an insane statement from the diner owner, Martha MacCallum said she wasn't happy with this decision and said she didn't like it when Trump administration officials were hassled at restaurants.

War criminal supporter Pete Hegseth suddenly changed his tune from 2018.  "Yeah, it’s a free country, for now, and she’s expressing a sentiment and speaking for a lot of people," he chirped.

Wait, isn't Pete a prime cancel culture warrior and hates when people are censored? I guess that only applies to right-wing conspiracy theorists and QAnon wackos.

F**king hypocrite.

After ranting about how Biden supporters don't love the troops, Hegseth said, "Customers can make a choice. And I actually think this will lead to a lot more business for her than those that turn away.”

Kayleigh McEnany, the horrific Trump former press secretary, chimed in, "I totally agree.”

Neither of them answered the question of how the diner would even know who voted for whom.

In 2018, Hegseth was furious that Sarah Sanders got booted from Virginia's Red Hen restaurant.

Hegseth said, "Adriana, what does it say about the left that they stand in solidarity with a business that kicks out a paying customer just because of their political position?"

 If you agree or disagree with a Trump press secretary being harassed for serially lying to cover up for the former president, that's one thing. Refusing to serve any person that voted opposite of you is much different and much worse. And again, how would they possibly know how anyone voted without asking them?

Once again, Fox News and its cohorts are trying to divide this country into the North and South, hoping bloodshed will eventually follow, which it will unless they stop supporting click-bait stories that enrage their viewers who live to own the libs.

Karoli wrote about the wingnut extremists who are using the Taliban as their model to try and take over America,  "Let's not pretend the violent talk and fantasies of civil war are only the province of white supremacists. There are plenty of so-called "conservatives" itching for it, too."

They itch for it because Fox News stokes it.


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