October 29, 2021

During a school board meeting in Arizona a veterinarian and former teacher grabbed the microphone and claimed she was a Covid expert.

"I'm a cloning expert with 35 years of experience. And I was a consultant to the CDC and I owned a pharmacy," she said.

Who the f**k calls themselves a cloning expert?

"I wanna tell you that this vaccine, COVID vaccine is a deadly poison. I can you tell you that. Everybody that takes it is damaging their immune system and they're talking about giving it to children now. It's going to destroy them."

"You need to do more research on it. I'm an expert on it and I'm telling you that's what it's doing..."

You think that was bad enough but no, there's more. Much more. And it's just as gross.

The next topic she tackled was of course, critical race theory.

She wants to, as she said, "get to the bottom of it."

"If you want to talk about racism? You want to bring it in? Then let's bring it in."

I shuddered, wondering what she would say next. I think you guessed it as well as I did.

"Let's get to the bottom – the bottom of it."

Didn't you already say that? This expert lost the train of thought
"You're talking about white supremacy. Okay, let's get to the very bottom of it."

Are there different bottoms? When you get to the bottom of something, is it not the bottom?

"Every one of these things, the deep state, the cabal, the swamp, the elite come, you can't mention it..."

She just did.

"But I will."

How brave!

"There is one race that owns all the pharmaceutical companies where these vaccines are...they aren't free. No, you are paying for it through the increase in gas prices."

Is OPEC is in cahoots with the cabal?

"The increases in food prices. You're paying for this and it's been taken from your money and given to these pharmaceutical companies."

"If you want to bring race into this. It's the Jews."

Drops mic walks away.

A few people in the sparse audience clapped for this racist neo-Nazi.

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