Fox News called out their C-Team to run interference for the son of a Navy SEAL who thought it would be cute to insult the president so he could get a viral Instagram post. It was pathetic and so is Jared Schmeck.
December 28, 2021

Fox News called out their C-Team to run interference for the son of a Navy SEAL who thought it would be cute to insult the president so he could get a viral Instagram post. It was pathetic and so is Jared Schmeck.

Before I start in on Fox News and this whole "Let's go Brandon" troll, let me just say that I'd have no problem with any of these whacknuts just coming out and saying "fck Biden," because at least that would be honest.

Hell, back in the dark times when Trump was in office, this gift from a dear friend was out and proud on my desk, prompting me every day to go on.

Credit: Karoli Kuns

Every day, I gave that lying, thieving, treasonous son of a bitch the salute as I sipped my coffee. And I am not sorry for having that attitude toward a Putin worshipping white supremacist. I'd say it to his face in a hot second, too.

But let's get real. When a slimy, smarmy little idiot decides he's gonna go on a phone call the President has with children and slyly drop the "Let's go Brandon" troll because he's not man enough to actually say the words that the wingers have decided will stand in for "Fuck Joe Biden" so he can get a viral Instagram moment...don't come whining to me about how mean it is that even the mainstream media has picked up on how rude, disrespectful and sophomoric it was to do that. It's an idiotic way to let evangelicals say and think the forbidden f-word in church and apparently at least one guy thought it was a sneaky way to be an asshole in front of his son.

As El Jefe over at Juanita Jean writes,

Schmeck is now learning that free speech goes both ways. Sure, you can say what you want in public, even posting a video of yourself personally insulting the President of the United States on a public livestream. But if you do that, expect a full helping of response to that insult. This is the problem with living in an echo chamber. Schmeck thought it was hilarious to insult the President and his friends likely did, too. Now he’s shocked at the response of normal people. What he and others in his echo chamber don’t understand is that fully more that HALF of Americans disagree with his politics and most certainly his smartassed disrespect of the President. He’s now learning that lesson. Maybe he’ll think twice before doing that again. On second thought, I doubt it.

Fox News is on cleanup detail. We can't have a dude who is the son of a Navy SEAL who was once accused of gun trafficking being criticized, so it is time for their airheaded millennial C-Team to step in and reframe the debate in a fashion by blaming all of the rest of us for having any reaction at all to their moronic troll.

First up, we have Tomi Lahren: "I think that's where they're really embarrassed, because they're like we elected this man and he literally just said something horrible about himself. He is apparently not in on the joke even though people have explained it to him time and time again. I think that's why they're mad, because they were embarrassed."

So liberals are not at all offended about coded assholery, just that Biden didn't bite the bait? Sure, Tomi.

And by the way, Tomi, are you microdosing today??? It's not lost on me that they're trying to paint Biden as so senile that he doesn't even get the insult, instead of figuring out that he just neutralized it with his response. And I wonder, Tomi, whether you'd like to be the one to explain to the president explicitly what "Let's go Brandon" means.

But wait! What would a Tomi Lahren segment be without a whataboutism? "But let's also keep in mind, during the Trump administration there were people marching with pink hats [THEY WERE PUSSY HATS, TOMI, BECAUSE HE LIKES TO GRAB WOMEN BY THE PUSSY. GET IT???] with signs degrading our president. People were saying far worse about president Trump, including every day that he was Hitler, that he was a Nazi, that he was a white supremacist."

NARRATOR: They weren't wrong. Aren't wrong. He is a Nazi and a white supremacist. He's a perfect icon of today's Republican party.

Tomi concludes with this bit of wisdom: "You know, when you compare the two and the treatment of Donald Trump and the treatment of Joe Biden, I think it's safe to say that Joe Biden is getting off pretty easily, and that he seems to be enjoying it as well."

Maybe it's because Biden is not a Nazi or white supremacist. Sure, that could be why.

But if you thought THAT was stupid, there's more. Here we have 3rd stringer Cheryl Casone, blaming liberals for Brandon Brown's problems getting sponsors after his name was hijacked by moronic trolls.

"He can't get sponsors because he's been abandoned because the left is so freaked out about being politically correct, and he's being attacked for something that's not his fault," she lied. "He misunderstood a reporter speaking to him and it blew up into all of this."

Actually, no. That's not how it happened. On the best day of that kid's life, the day he won his first NASCAR race while basically fielding his own car, a bunch of assholes decided they'd shout "fuck Joe Biden" during his victory interview and a reporter covered for them. That hit right wing media and the rest is history. The reason sponsors are squeamish is pretty simple: NASCAR sponsors don't want politics in their auto racing. Don't hang this on libs, you craven coward at Fox News.

And like any good troll looking for a reaction, she then blames those who...reacted. "If you didn't give it so much attention, you know what? It might just go away."

And if anyone on this godforsaken network of propagandists and trolls actually has a brain in their head, they'll just turn off their mics and go home after this pathetic performance.

Fck them, and fck Fox News.

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