Fox regular Tomi Lahren let the cat out of the bag when she admitted that Democrats might actually be happy to see Trump announce he wants to run for president in 2024, and that there are still members of their party that aren't MAGAts.
September 5, 2022

As the writers at Raw Story explained, Tomi Lahren admitted during an interview on Fox this Sunday that many mainstream Republicans don't support Donald Trump, and then, as they discussed, she "twisted herself in knots trying to explain why President Joe Biden's speech on Thursday was actually a good thing for MAGA world."

"I think it's a great point to be made — the strategy around all of this," Lahren began. "It's the Democrat strategy and the Republican strategy. Now, at first, when I saw what happened with the FBI raid, when I saw what happened with this horrible speech, I thought, you know, this was just attacking Republicans. And then, it dawned on me, as we've been having our side conversations, I think this is almost a strategy by the Democrats to rile up Trump supporters to get him to announce he's going to run in 2024. And then that is going to make those hesitant never-Trumpers out there, the mainstream Republicans, maybe vote a little differently. Maybe it'll prop up Donald Trump, but maybe that's not what's good for the Republican Party."

She went on to say that prior to the revelations that the National Archives was trying to get back the stolen documents and the FBI was forced to execute a search warrant, the GOP was leaning toward Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as their GOP nominee.

"And now people are putting on the MAGA hats again," said Lahren. "So, I wonder if this is almost a strategy. They'd rather run against Trump than a DeSantis. I hope we don't fall for it."

I await Trump and his minions attacking her on Truth Social if any of them are paying attention to what's going on at one of his favorite propaganda networks. If Lahren is actually finally throwing Trump under the bus, look for more defections soon.

I'm guessing it's not a matter of if, but when we ever find out just how many of them finally end up flipping on Trump in the multiple criminal and civil cases against him, and how many have flipped already that we don't know about.

Winter is coming, and all these jackasses on the Republican side of the aisle know it.

How they handle things once the sh*t finally really hits the fan is going to be interesting. Somehow, I don't think all of the not so veiled threats by Lindsey Graham, or any of the rest of them, are going to help them.


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