December 27, 2021

Fox News Sunday guest host Mike Emanuel cornered Senator Roy Blunt about Republicans' refusal to help working families by not supporting the Build Back Better bill, including the child tax credits.

“According to the Urban Institute, continuing the benefit could have a significant impact on child poverty, reducing child poverty to about 8.4 percent from 14.2 percent, a fall of roughly 40 percent,” Emanuel said. “Is that a compelling argument to extend it?”

Blunt used Joe Manchin as a defense against the tax credit, whining that money would also go to Americans that didn't need it.

In the real world, such a small portion of the bill would go to families making up to 400K that it's a ridiculous excuse to oppose it, especially after approval of the bloated defense bill. 99% of US families need this help, and it's a drop in the bucket compared to other programs.

Families that make from 150K to $400,000 just simply doesn't make sense, says Blunt. For whom?

Republicans always use a single example to try and destroy any legislation that helps a supermajority of Americans. Usually they hate the IRS, but now want the IRS to police the tax credit.

Emanuel followed up on the obvious benefits of the child tax credit in his own state. It would "bolster financial security and spur economic growth in Missouri by reducing taxes on the middle class and those striving to break into it. How do you respond?”

Blunt took the opportunity to defend the richest Americans, while calling the rest of the bill all about gimmicks.

Helping the most Americans possible is considered un-American by Republicans.

Americans love the features of Build Back Better, including a large chunk of Republicans, as all the polling shows, but if Blunt says Americans hate it then it must be so. At least on Fox News.


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