January 18, 2022

Dan Crenshaw, Republican Congressman from Texas, apparently believes that he can succeed in that role and still have intellectual and disinterested conversations about Jesus Christ.

Do you know who your voter is, Dan?

At a fundraiser at the Montgomery County Texas (yeah) Tea Party (what?) meeting, a ten-year-old asked Dan about an earlier comment concerning Jesus being a "hero archetype."

Here's the clip, via KPRC Radio.

Crenshaw appeared on "The Jocko Podcast" (not Tea Party evangelical affiliated?)

Dude, that kind of conversation (and yeah, you can keep the name "Rosa Parks" out of your Republican mouth, especially in the same breath with Ronald Reagan) belongs on a dorm room floor with a BONG, not on a recorded program where even TEN-YEAR-OLD Sunday School students can hear it. Even if it IS a three-hour sesh with "The Jocko Podcast."

Do you know who your voter is, Dan? They don't listen to podcasts, and they don't think of The Bible as "literature."

Since you're at a Tea Party Meeting (come on, Dan) maybe the best thing to do is tell your child questioner that you were talking dorm room lit (pun intended) argument, not about Christianity or belief.

Instead, Crenshaw attacked the child for "questioning my faith."

Oh my god, the audience was not amused.

There are things that Dan Crenshaw, or any Texas Republican wanting actual votes, should not do:

  • Talk about Jesus in the abstract.
  • Attack a child.
  • Run for re-election after doing either of the first two, the end.

Frances Langum has a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. She is not running for Congress in Texas.

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