The right-wing has become so radicalized in this country, they are defending inaccurate teaching of Nazism and fascism in favor of "both sides."
January 10, 2022

The right-wing in this country has become so radical that an Indiana state senator (Republican OF COURSE) Scott Baldwin told schools to be "impartial" when it comes to teaching about Nazism and fascism.

I kid you not.

During a debate about a new bill, SB167, on January 5, a teacher was arguing with Baldwin about his ridiculous plans of impartiality when it comes to these topics.

Teacher Matt Bockenfeld said. “Of course, we're neutral on political issues of the day. We don't stand up and say who we voted for or anything like that. But we're not neutral on Nazism. We take a stand in the classroom against it, and it matters that we do.”

Baldwin incredulously replied, "I have no problem with the education system providing instruction on the existence of those isms. I believe that we've gone too far when we take a position on those isms ... We need to be impartial.”

After facing heat for his callous words, Baldwin responded to the Indy Star in an email the next day:

"When I was drafting this bill, my intent with regard to 'political affiliation' was to cover political parties within the legal American political system,” he said. “In my comments during committee, I was thinking more about the big picture and trying to say that we should not tell kids what to think about politics.

If Sen. Baldwin wasn't criticized he would have never tried to explain his insane thoughts about educating our kids when it comes to despots and murderous regimes.

Baldwin continued, "Nazism, Marxism, and fascism are a stain on our world history and should be regarded as such, and I failed to adequately articulate that in my comments,” Baldwin said.

White supremacy has been given a lifeline by Trump and Republicans in this country, but Baldwin met with a ton of criticism so he had to backtrack.

Republicans are trying to force public schools to frame education around jingoism, anti-racism and evangelical indoctrination.

Attacking teachers and education is the in-thing for Republicans for 2022.

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