If Republicans take back the House, they will use the J6 committee to investigate the deep state and QAnon conspiracy theory about the insurrection they can to shield traitor trump.
February 6, 2022

Rep Madison Cawthorn told Trump stooge Charlie Kirk that if Republicans win back the House in the Midterms they should keep the J6 committee together to investigate the insurrection as a false flag operation by the deep state.

"I kinda want to keep the committee, as wild as that sounds," Cawthorn said.

"I think a lot of people actually do want to have answers what happened on January 6. A lot of people actually want to know, was our federal government involved. Was this a false flag operation used by the FBI---how many agents did we have inside infiltrated in this crowd," he said.

"What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?"

“I believe we have some high ranking, very vile, and evil and unpatriotic officials in our Fed govt, and they’re part of the Deep State.”

Unfortunately for America, there are too many Republican Congresspeople that are very vile, very evil, and very unpatriotic in this country.

Madison Cawthorn is one of them.

Scum like Cawthorn will do anything to support sedition and a coup undermining US democracy in this country if it serves their purpose.


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