March 2, 2022

Trump joined his ally Maria Bartiromo Wednesday morning to brag about giving Ukraine weapons.


The delusional and lying so-called "former president" made believe he didn't try to blackmail the Ukrainian president by withholding Congress-approved weapons and funds until Zelensky did "political dirty work" against his rival Joe Biden.

Trump went on endlessly to Bartiromo about how he had saved the world many times over when he was in charge.

When the topic turned to the Russian invasion into Ukraine, Trump tried to rewrite his own history.

Trump said, "Now Russia has gotten in deeper than they ever thought possible so they ..(then came word salad)."

"I think they are in much deeper than they thought to a certain extent because of the weapons that I gave, and that the Ukrainians used so well. they used so well, amazing,” Trump said.

Gave them?

Trump tried to blackmail President Zelensky before his notorious phone call on July 25th, by withholding millions of dollars of aid and weapons.

By July 3, the Office of Management and Budget blocked a Congressional notification which would have cleared the way for the release of $141 million in State Department security assistance funds. By July 12, President Trump had placed a hold on all military support funding for Ukraine. On July 18, OMB announced the hold to all of the relevant agencies and indicated that it was directed by the President.

Traitor Trump was impeached the first time over his immoral and illegal treatment of Ukraine aided by his insurrectionist partner Rudy Giuliani.

Or as Trump called it, his “PERFECT PHONE CALL!”

Here's a good primer from the BBC if you've forgotten what this odious man-child did to Ukraine.

Amanda Carpenter writes, "Never forget that as president Donald Trump led an organized campaign to withhold military aid and blackmail the Ukrainians. And that Republicans let him get away with it."

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