June 14, 2022

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade bashed the 9/11 families for criticizing US golfers for participating in the new LIV Golf tournament owned by the Saudis.

Terry Strada, the 9/11 Families United National Chair, issued a scathing statement about the league and against all golfers for taking Saudi money.


Kilmeade joined Stuart Varney to defend LIV and everything Saudi Arabia, all while passive-aggressively bashing the 9/11 families for making a scene. And then of course Brian got in a Trump grievance to top it off.

Varney said the LIV was met with anger from 9/11 families. Kilmeade whined supporting the Saudis, who own English soccer teams and are now bidding on Newcastle.

"Does that mean Newcastle fans should stop going?" he said.

Kilmeade said, "Why are fans going to Chelsea games? Manchester City is owned by UAE..."

Hey, idiot.

Saudi hijackers, led by Osama Bin Laden, didn't send two planes crashing into Britain's Twin Towers -- Big Ben -- killing over 3000 of the English people. What does the Premier Soccer League or the World Cup have to do with the 9/11 families?

Then he launched into the failed USFL football league and the ABA as a way to take down the PGA.

"I'm not speaking for the Saudi families," he said mistakenly.

"I'm not speaking for the 9/11 families. I get it!" he said.

Kilmeade continued, "No one's done more on the War on Terror and more studying and read more books than me, BUT I also know we're back in relationships with Saudi Arabia to wipe out ISIS and Al Qaeda ..."

What has Kilmeade ever done about the war on terror except read books?

Kilmeade's bluster is ludicrous.

And then he brought it all back to the PGA, for refusing to use Trump golf courses for their tournaments.

Now that's the real reason Kilmeade is bagging on the 9/11 families.

Go to hell, Brian.


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