June 23, 2022

During the first January 6 committee hearing, bombshell video was shown of Ivanka Trump saying that she “accepted” Attorney General Bill Barr’s conclusion that there had been no election fraud.

Now we know that’s not true.

Maggie Haberman reported on the discrepancy when someone at The New York Times viewed a portion of video turned over to the January 6 committee by documentary filmmaker Alex Holder.

Haberman noted that Ivanka’s interview in the documentary was conducted on December 10, 2020, nine days after Barr publicly stated there had been no widespread fraud in the election. Let’s just say she doesn’t come across in the video like someone who accepted Barr’s conclusion

“I think that, as the president has said, every single vote needs to be counted and needs to be heard, and he campaigned for the voiceless,” Ms. Trump replied. “And I think a lot of Americans feel very, very disenfranchised right now, and really, question the sanctity of our elections, and that’s not right, it’s not acceptable.”

She went on, “And he has to take on this fight. Look, you fight for what you love the most and he loves this country and he loves this country’s people, and he wants to make sure that their voice is, is heard and not muted.”

She said that he “will continue to fight until every legal remedy is exhausted and that’s what he should do.”

That’s definitely not the image Ivanka Trump wants to sell now.

More from Haberman:

People close to Ms. Trump have insisted that she had distanced herself from what was taking place around her father at that time. Those people have said that, after the race was called for Joseph R. Biden Jr., Ms. Trump began focusing on winding down her office and looking toward a new life in Miami.

According to Haberman, Holder is expected to be interviewed by the committee on Thursday. He is not on the hearing witness list and it is not clear if any portion of his interview will be aired during that hearing. However, “the committee may release additional video” of Ivanka Trump at some point, Haberman reported.


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