October 4, 2022

Pro-Russian Fox News host Laura Ingraham bashed President Zelensky for, get this, not considering Elon Musk's peace plan.

Fox is pushing the gobzillionaire's ridiculous peace options, arguing that Ukraine feels "entitled to endless" US support.

Ingraham showed off Musk's tweet, which basically is a surrender plan to Russia. Putin illegally attacked and killed thousands of innocent Ukrainians in his effort to take over the whole country.

As you might expect, Musk was vehemently ridiculed for his pro-Russian surrender plan.

You'd think Fox News would let go of their Musk-Obsession (That's not a new perfume) after he made a fool of himself with his unvetted proposal to buy Twitter.

But not so for Fox News' evening hosts, who continually side with Russia.

"Ukraine feels entitled to endless support from the West, mostly from the United States, of course, we're the ones paying the bills. And any time you challenge their demands, even if it is in the interest of staving off a nuclear war, you are labeled a Putin stooge," Ingraham said.

Wow, Ingraham nails it. When Ingraham or Tucker agree that Ukraine should, in no uncertain terms, surrender its independence after withstanding such a vicious and unprovoked invasion by Russia, they are Putin stooges.


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